Monday, 29 June 2009


I know it has been a while and I have promised to write about my little trip and I have not done so - The main reason is I wanted to wait until this weekend was over. I have been on a bit of a whirl wind ride for a while.

I lost my job and find another ok less pay and not so glam a company but more in tune with me.

As you all know I went to the textile fair and met a guy who runs his own company and we have come to an arrangement - he needs to expand and wants a London address so we both win out of the deal. 

Suffice to say I will explain what happened in a further post. He has been a little naughty and has sent me these images and asked me to write how I feel about them. He loves my blog and I think we are on the road to an very interesting and entertaining relationship.

Perfect eyes closed and making sure she does not drop any of it. A very sensual and erotic shot and I would adore being her 

Look at him you know he could thrust into you for hours giggle ooh my

I adore this image I wish I was her - you absolutely know she is going to be sore in the morning

I could lick that tummy

I love the idea of girls sharing things and each others boyfriends cum - why not giggle

I love the look on her face she is almost upset but she is also confused yes it is wrong but ohhh it feels so right 

I must admit this image has me upset I have spent hours trying to emulate her position and I am convinced that genetic females are feline otherwise how do you explain this position I tried for hours but could only just get into the position - I find the female form and the positions and the whole structure such a turn on I try must evenings to dance and move like a girl it is very hard to really be femm - the key is to be thin and then to walk on your toes then to be aware of every curve, move and position. 

I am convinced I could do a better job giggle


  1. Hi, Nice post. I particularly like the first pic, she's a girl after my own heart! x


  2. Ooh and I forgot to say that the last pic looks like quite a challenge but it would be such a shame to see such lovely cocks go to waste. You start at one end of the line, I'll start at the other...!!