Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Not Sure - musings

I have been speaking with my sister about getting involved with a Mistress. It is something I want to experiment with but I am not sure I am ready. Zoe also warned me to take it slow. I am a little confused and unsure what to do.

So I will do what I always do.

Throw myself into work and dress en femm and hide away inside my home.

A little house keeping - general update:

I spoke with Carl last night and he wants to meet up for drinks tonight but I am not feeling up to it and I said no. He said he understood and suggested the weekend. Again I am not sure what I want to do.

I know I still have to respond to the email of what is my most secret and hidden fantasy and I think I may have an answer. 

John (Zoe's husband) has been very odd with me over the last few days and I am not sure why. Zoe insists there is nothing wrong but I have a 6th sense for these things. 

I am really keen on getting feedback for the blog I somehow want to know there are people out there coming along on the journey with me. I know Zoe, Carl and my Sister are but I expect them too. It would be nice to hear from those that are reading this blog and what they think.

Lastly I was browsing the fashion blogs always looking for a new outfit and saw these yummy girls wearing some great outfits. How I wish I had access to their clothes. 

Stunning - the girl can do no wrong 

I know it is an old shot but I adore her hair like this - and god girls look at her features those eyes and her cheek bones - divine

Another old shot but what a gal - If I could have any body it would be hers so thin and elegant - she makes me feel so dumby and frumpy I just want to diet. 

Young Miss Emma is growing into a fashion conscious young women. I expect great things and hope she keeps her head. Imagine growing into women hood with all those toys and offers she will have open to her. 

This women has bloomed since motherhood I adore everything about her.


There is always room for short shorts and a hat giggle.


  1. Being a blogger myself, I know how nice it feels when a reader responds, and how lonely it feels when nobody does. I am guilty of reading many blogs and not leaving a response as well.
    I enjoy your blog. Keep up the great work and know that someone out there is reading it!

  2. thank you so much - you have made me blush

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