Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The girls have voted

You are all sluts giggle It appears that almost all the votes went to suck your mans cock. I always aim to please so without any further pause here are some yummy pics. 

Rachel showing us girls how it is down look at her jaw line ladies you can see she is well versed in sucking and remember sucking burns a lot of calories it also tightens the face muscles and yummy sperm has a lot of protein. Oh yes and it is great for the skin - just don't get it in your eye!

I love love love this image she looks sooo divine and the fact that it is in a car park makes the whole thing a little naughty love this shot her smile is to die for.

Fall into her eyes like pools the cum on her chin adds to the whole image and her cupping of her breasts makes this image one of my faves. SHe looks ready to be fucked hard - blushing 

Very traditional image typical I put this in as most girls dream of this. 

Great pic she is enjoying her work - all her efforts have made him cum and now she is enjoying the feeling on her face and is looking at him with come to bed eyes. 

Great pic best blowjobs ever are those that happen out doors at an event / hallway or hotel lift. She is dressed so classy and he is drinking champers while he gets sucked - perfect.