Friday, 12 June 2009

Nightmare or was it

As you all know I work from home and this week has been a little stressful I have been called in to explain why my documentation has not been up to scratch.

I feel asleep at lunch time on my laptop in tears. I woke up with a shock....

I was so tired from trying to re-do my work and was up all night Thursday. Tabby has been taking up a lot of my time both physically and mentally.

Well I think I had my first female dream.

I woke with a fright and in some confusion. As I started to recall my dream and calmed myself I realised that I had done something I had not done in many years I had a wet dream... My thong was wet and all I could do was think of cocks. Well that is not exactly true my dream went something like this...

Dressed as Tabby I was trying to explain to my boss why I had done so badly recently and why my work was not up to scratch and then I was on my knees sucking him off because I was hoping to keep my job... Then I was sucking off his boss before long all my male workmates had been sucked of by Tabby...

Then all I can recall is cocks images of girls cocks and satisfying men.

Then I woke up.

I think I find the act of sucking a cock to be the ultimate submissive function a T girl can do. Even more so than being taken like a women.

I have found some images that I can use to express why.

I love her eyes I love the fact she is holding her lovers cock. The point of entry is sexy too I love the distortion of a girls mouth when sucking on a phallus. 

It always amazes me how big a cock looks and yet how much a girl can take in her mouth. The largest cock I have taken into my mouth was at least 8 ish inches and I took most of it into my mouth. 

This is almost perfect she looks a little scared, she looks into his eyes and look how wide she is opening her mouth.

Would I could I ever dare to have more than one cock at a time...


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