Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Interesting comment


Lady Alexia said...

I would be content to be a girl with the extra for a bit, but i know I really want a real clit and a flat crotch. I want the curves and a gorgeous neck. I want long red hair and be so pretty that guys and gals droll. I also want to be a stripper deep down, not sure why.

Forgive me Alexia for using your comment but I feel it is a very interesting point you make.
Yes it does sound sooo tempting to close ones legs and feel the space and feel ones vagina, ones pussy to explore the press deeply in and feel the welcoming warmth and to play with ones clit feels and sounds soo
womanly perhaps you are further along your journey to women hood than I?

I too long for the softness and elegance of a women's body I too yearn for breasts we all do yet I feel there is 
a space perhaps a vital space for a third way. Is this just my fear of committing to the life completely is it 
my last bit of maleness holding out clinging to the rockface of my womenhood am I not as femm as I belive?


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