Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Roller Coaster - Trip and the start of a new Tabby

I wanted to take time and think the last few days have been scary - my sister came down last night and she made a huge song and dance about my behaviour and that she was taking time away from work to protect me. 

I feel like a child can you believe it I can only be honest on this blog I just do not have the confidence to argue with someone. 

Well anyway I better explain what is happening over the next couple of days. As some of you know I have booked into a textile event as Tabitha. I am going to travel on the train and to the hotel and stay as Tabby. 

I have spent a small fortune on clothing for the entire stay as well as some yummy girly luggage 

The greta thing about the event is it is totally anonymous as the textile industry are not as protective as the fashion industry so you can come and go. My job is to collect a few samples and report back on what is hot.

so for the 3 days this is what I have purchased starting with underwear I purchsed 

This outfit for the train journey to the show From Euston station around 3pm.

The great thing about this shapewear is it is very firm and works even while sitting it really does hold you in - I wanted to make sure I looked right while sat on the train.

For the show I decided I needed shape but not so firm and also something sexy to make me feel femm. So this great set from made by nikki.

Last but not least the morning part of the show and then the train ride back - I wanted a compromise of firm but easy to wear and this wonderful item from asos just tick all the boxes. 

two nights and a girl never knows she might get lucky so two wonderful babydolls

A yummy gown from CK

For the trip up I decided to wear a dress and a tight fitting one hence the super firm support needed 

For the next two days my power suit 

a selection of blouses depending on the weather so if it is really hot I can wear them with out a jacket (not the white ones) 

A simple summer short trench coat. A small fortune with Knomo Bags for my luggage and laptop bag in madly girly pink

And for any evening event 

Finally shoes I have my pink shoes to match my evening dress and my killer heels for the train as I will not be walking far and my shoes for the actual event

My sister and I will be traveling to Euston station together on the tube and I will be dressed as Tabby we will be leaving my home at around midday as I am on the 3pm train.

I am looking forward to this trip and if all goes well Tabby may be moving up a gear. 

I have decided not to see Zoe or John for a while and to try and concentrate on my work and Tabby. 

The whole process of planning and making this trip happen has been cleansing and I am so excited a little fearful but excited. 

I have been practicing at home pulling the luggage in those killer heels and moving as femininely as possible along with trying to drink eat and use a laptop as a women. I have watched hours of tapes of models walking. A friend even suggested a small flat butt plug would help with my walk but it did not it just made me squirm.

I also have managed to book a very nice hotel the Radisson Edwardian in Peter Street and I made the call as Tabby and explained I was on a work trip and needed to pay for the room up front on my bosses card and they allowed me to do so. Any thing extra I will pay cash for and I tend to eat very little to keep slim so that should help keep the cost down. 

I have also packed my little vibrator. I was wondering weather or not to use the spa at the hotel they have a great pool and gym and I have been thinking if I am brave I will bring along a swim suit I bought this one from Asos and I will pack it but I might be too scared to use it. 

I bought the swim suit from a Tv site so that I could hide the forms as the suit does not expose my clevage. 

Hair dryer and tongs packed, makeup deodorant powder cream, moisturizes my fave shower gel etc 

And in case I really end up having fun I have packed my bunny costume and tail.

And my old faithful friend giggle. 


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