Wednesday, 17 June 2009

My adventure

Ok well I failed the first part my sister and I took a cab to Euston station. 

I know I said I was going to use the tube but I did not. I am now sitting in first class on the train I have been offered tea and coffee and asked for coffee and I am sitting back with my laptop and data card and wondering what to say. 

So far the experience has been a little exhausting I am a little hot and a little flustered and I am trying to be as femm as possible the heels are killing me and the shapewear is so tight I can only breath in short breaths. 

We alighted from the cab at the north side of Euston station and I could not mange the steps and my luggage my sister helped me up the steps and demanded I stop being so girly. 

As we walked I could hear my heels click clack along the concourse and I was really hamming it up swaying my hips and making good use of the shapewear - My sister giggled and said hun you will be exhausted by the time you reach the platform if you keep that up. 

We arrived at the m,ain station and my sister kissed me and hugged me and left to catch her train I stood with all the other business men and women and and watch the board the platform was announced for my train and I walked toward the platform I got on the train and the gaurd helped me with my luggage I found my reserved seat and sat down. 

The dress was so tight the heels so high and the shape-wear so constricting that I almost pasted out. 

I smiled as I took a sip of coffee and saw my painted finger nails and the red smudge of lipstick left on the coffee cup.

The train was preparing to get underway and then another women and man sat down on the table of four that I was sat at. 

They both said Hello and said Hi back and then they got their laptops out and started to work.

fortunately they were both sat opposite me meaning I could carry on with my blogging with out them being aware of what I was doing. 

They were both average looking he was a little overweight and she was quite a bit overweight. The train left the station and we sat in silence and worked. Every now and then a porter would offer us more coffee and we would all say yes pls. 

I had managed to gather myself and calm myself down and I realised that 2 bottles of water and 2 cups of coffee plus very tight shape wear and dress do not mix. 

I got up and went to the loo....

I closed the lid of my laptop and have re-opened it.

Have you ever tried to walk in 5 and half inch heels on a moving train?

I have it is really hard but what is worse is peeing in a tight dress and shape wear I am as flustered as I was earlier on. 

Some thing odd has happened the women opposite has passed me a folded note 

It says are you a man?

I am now blushing red and can not look at her or him in the eye.

I need to do something the train is not that busy what can I do. 

I write on the note - yes I am a T girl - sorry shall I move

I start to pack away my folder and work stuff and the girl opposite says in a low voice 

No please stay - we think you are amazing and brave. 

I blush and whisper back are you sure

Yes they both reply. 

I sigh and offer to buy them both a drink as I am shaking they start to tell me about themselves and I feel a little shocked and hear half of their chat.

I whisper back - how did you tell. 

She laughs a little and explains in a low voice that her ex husband was a TV and she got very good at reading the signs but she added that I was very convincing. I asked was it his cross dressing that broke the marriage and she replied no not at all it was his fucking around we all laughed.

Slowly we all got back to our screens we drank a little wine and chatted some more....

More to come....


  1. That is so awesome Sweetie. It is so nice that there are good people still floating around out there that can be encouraging to a young woman like that.

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