Sunday, 7 June 2009

catch up - Dates, sisters and friends

Well last week I had a great date with Carl then spent Sunday with Zoe. John and their son had gone to John's parents. 

So Zoe asked me over to relax in their garden. I popped over wearing a trench coat and under the coat I was wearing for the first time a bikini well sort of I got it from VS. 

I knew I would be experiencing little erections just from the pleasure of sun bathing with another women so I decided on the ruched skirt bottom and amble top.

She opened the door just wearing her bikini bottoms and stood there topless. I was stunned - Coming in or not she said sternly I giggled and walked in she strutted along the hallway and I followed and took of my coat we entered the kitchen and she clapped darling she squealed you look sooo cute. I turned and this way and that she handed me a glass of wine and almost pulled me of my heels and into the garden.

We sat down on the loungers and she started to apply sun screen on my shoulders and then started to remove my bra 

I turned and looked at her and tried to say no.

I knew the breasts would stay fixed in place and I knew their colouration was pretty good but they were fake and I did not want to look stupid.

I was sooo excited I was shivering she unhooked the bra and gently took it off. I felt the weight pull at my chest as the adhesive pulled at my skin. 

I watched almost in an out of body experience as Zoe applied cream on my chest breasts and tummy and then she gently pushed me on to my back and smiled she lay back on her lounger and we drifted in and out of sleep and chatted.

I kept shifting my thighs gently crossing and uncrossing as my bikini bottoms and all in one skirt did their best to hold my erection down and also hide it - I am very small but I was sooo hard and soo excited I must admit if I had someone touch me I would have lost it and orgasmed then and there.

We talked about Carl and John, sex and clothes, TV it was fun. Zoe popped in to her house and poured more wine. She came out and said that John was on his way back but their son was staying at Grannies. Zoe had told me earlier that they were out for the evening.

I said I better get dressed she said no John wanted to see me. We had drunk a bottle and half between us and I had fallen asleep as had Zoe we were both very drunk.

I woke to moaning I turned my head and saw Zoe sucking John's cock while still on the lounger.
I leaned up on my elbows and John heard me and turned he pushed his cock into my face and I opened my mouth and took his cock in I moved my head while stroking his balls and then I felt Zoe she came over and started to suck and lick on Johns cock. I heard him moan and I looked up and then he put his hands on my head and Zoe's he then pushed us together pulled out of Zoe's mouth and came on our faces and breasts. 

He almost shouted oohh mann.

I blushed (not sure if I have covered this in a previous post they live in an end of terrace house and therefore their garden is at an angle and is only overlooked by mine.

Zoe turned to me and started to kiss me and lick John's cum from my face and breasts and I did the same to her. 

John started to pump his cock and a few more strings of cum splattered on our faces he walked into the house shouting back at Zoe that he was going for a shower.

Zoe's hand slipped into my bikini bottoms and she started to play with my sissy clit.

I started to hump her hand and she giggled and said. 

oh is my pet kitten getting hot - don't ask me why but that sent me over the edge I had wanted to cum for hours and finally she was being very dom and I just could not help it I started to cum and hump her hand and started to purrrr.

She laughed and put her cum covered hand to my face and I started to lick her hand and she joined in. I had my eyes closed and was licking her hand and purring when I realised she had long gone I blushed and stood up cum on my face hair breasts and a wet crotch. 

I walked back into the house and called out for Zoe she said she was upstairs getting ready and to let myself out. I called back ok and thanks. 

Zoe called back our pleasure sweetie.

I put on my bra and coat and left.

I got in and drew a bath and cleaned myself and got into my fave lounge wear and ate too much Haagen Dazs and watched a film. 

I went to bed feeling totally yummy.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday was pretty much same old same old.

Thursday was a sacry, exciting, wonderfully mad day. Zoe had been hassling me to tell my older sister about who I am and about Tabby.

I was not sure as my sister and I have argued over the years. Well Zoe was over on Thursday night - somehow girly film night wine, box of tissues, a small pot of Haagen Dazs each and a film. Then some crying and hugging. 

Well she made me call my sister and we arranged that she would come to my home and that she would have all her questions answered. She was going to turn up Friday night and I wanted to work out what to wear each day and what to do. I wanted her to see me as a women and not some drag queen or slutty impersonation. I was so keen to make sure that I also was as femm as possible. 

So I really tried to make sure everything was as perfect as it could be. 

Friday was a very stressful day I must have tried to on a thousand outfits. I finally decided that safe was best, but I wanted to make sure I expressed my femininity. 

So I wore my shapewear from M&S this is amazing make sure you buy the firm shapewear. It controls all those bumps and lumps and also adds that shape all girls dream of.

This is a great body it really helps shape and control all those bumps. I wear it with the shaping slip to make sure I get the correct contour when wearing dresses that cling. 

Then I decided on a simple linen shirt dress from Boden.

To add authenticity and to make sure I was expressing my femininity I wore this pink corsage headband and my pink bracelet watch - I wanted to make a statement but also keep thing simple. I wore simple pearl earrings and necklace also.

The final touch was my good luck ring it was one of the first items of jewelry I had purchased as Tabby.

So I cleaned the house and dressed and poured a glass of wine and sat on the sofa and waited. The phone rang I picked it up and Zoe said good luck. We chatted for a while and the door bell rang. Zoe said good luck hun. 

I stood at the door for what felt like years my trance broken by the door bell ringing again. 
It startled me and I opened the door. 

My sister was standing their she looked at me and said Hi... is... I waited for a moment as her eyes adjusted and her head caught up with the information her eyes were gathering and I could see her eyes widen and then her mouth open...

I took matters into my own hands and hugged her and said hi Sis I am Tabby. 

I led her into the house and she started to ask me questions and I turned and said all in good time. I was shaking and trying to keep things together and look confidant.

My sister sat down and I poured her a glass of wine as Tabby I was almost dizzy with emotions. 

I sat next to my sister making sure I sat and behaved as femm as possible the shapewear doing it's job and pulling me in at the right places. We clicked our glasses and both almost drunk the whole glass of wine in one go. Almost as one we placed the glass down and sighed deeply we looked at each and giggled. 

That broke the ice. 

I started to explain using my blog to show her things I found difficult to admit / talk about.
She smiled and held my hand.

Finally she turned to me and said - you bitch why did you not tell me before I could have had a Sister all these years. She hugged me and we held each other for a while. 

We chatted about family and her love life. 

She started to tell me about her issues with her boyfriend and I found myself giving my sister tips on how to make her love life more exciting. 

We got up and made coffee and chatted a little more she asked me about my breasts and about sex and we chatted easily. We moved into the spare bedroom and started to unpack her clothes I held up he knickers and said hun no wonder you are off the boil these are just sooo not sexy. We giggled and I said what do you wear in bed.

She said sometimes my knickers and a long t-shirt other times PJ's 

I tutted and said hun try this. 

I gave her my largest babydoll (she is a size 12 - 14) 

We washed, cleaned faces from make up and changed and then snuggled like sisters on the sofa and watched a girly film. 

We went to our respective rooms to sleep and my sister knocked on my door and came in I woke up and asked if all was ok she said yes but she just wanted to chat - she climbed into my bed and we lay there chatting till we both fell asleep.


  1. It sounds like you had such a good visit with your sister. It is wonderful that she accepted you and that things can progress now in a way where you have another person that can support you. I am just happy after reading this, and a tad bit jealous. Take care Sweetie.