Sunday, 7 June 2009

Interesting email

My sister has left and we had a great weekend. She will be down again soon - she kept the babydoll. She has promised me a gift in return. 

on Saturday night she met Zoe and we had dinner at my place and had such a great evening - they were a little unkind and made fun of me being such a girly girl and we all got very drunk. 

Zoe always a naughty girl pulled a DVD out of her hand bag and said lets watch it - I asked what it was and she winked we put it on and it was a copy of Andrew Blake Paris 6. She has told me about Andrew Blake really sensual porn films for men and women. We all sat on the sofa - OMG (oh my god) I am dressed as a girl with my sister and best friend watching porn and drunk as a silly thing.

I blushed and Zoe laughed - My sister and Zoe both called me a prude so we started to watch the film. 

Well we all fell asleep and woke Sunday morning with huge hang overs - Zoe went home and my sister and I went back to bed. 

We woke up late afternoon and my sister got ready we called a cab and she hugged me and left. 

I sat down on the sofa and begun to check work emails and catch up with missing work on Friday. I have been checking my emails well Tabby's emails and I have been sent a wonderful interesting and worryingly thinking about their offer email. Blush.

The couple have not expressed wether or not I can post their names so I wont. 
But their email was so enticing. They expressed that they were wealthy living in a large manor house with grounds and stables in Bray.

They are looking for a live in maid. They are offering me paid work as their maid / pet and pony girl. 

The email ended with a simple instruction to call a number and ask for Mistress. 

I must admit I sat looking at the number for what felt like an hour - I googled the number nothing - I googled the area code and yes it was from Bray. 

So I called and asked for Mistress I was put on hold and then the phone crackled into life - yes Mistress here. 

This is the conversation we had:

Mistress... it's Tabby

good girl now stand and curtsey - I found myself obeying - her voice was sooo well to-do I could her her breeding dripping from her perfectly annunciated words. 

Now Tabby dear do listen I will offer this once and once only do you understand dear

Yes Mistress

Good Girl she replied

Now I want you to come to our home for an interview respond to my email with a simple yes or no and we will go from there. 

She bid me well and put the phone down.

I got up and trance like sat down in front of my laptop and typed into my yahoo account Yes please Mistress. 

and then hit sent. Well that was about an hour ago. I guess I will get my response tomorrow.

I spent the last hour looking at what a Pony Girl is and collecting images. In keeping with the rules I set myself when I started this blog I wanted to share those images and my feelings.

I spent some time also looking at Andrew Blake's site and was amazed to find some clips that I took grabs from because I was very much intrigued. 

I found these images at Coco De Mer

I find this harness very sexy and is I am told via the site a Pony Girl Harness. 

I love the idea of bondage never tried it but the idea of being under submission and controlled 

I love this I imagine being a pet a cat for someone on a lead 
A yummy lead.

I adore this butt plug I may invest but it is not cheap. 
Another Pony Girl Harness

I found this at Andre Blake and I must admit to be sooo turned on.

The girl is acting like a de-canter and her Mistress uses her as such I am soo stunned by the girls bodies and how sexy I find these clips. 

The Pony Girl Clips - Sooo sexy I can see myself being a Pony Girl as I admit this and type this into my Blog I am blushing thinking what will Zoe say - my Sister and will John, Carl and others who are getting to know Tabby use this info - or am I hoping they do. Am I doing this deliberately?

I just do not care I am so tired of not being me and I want to experience these feelings I want to play I want to be used, longed for, dreamed about - touched 

I want to scream out in pleasure is that wrong? Someone tell me please.


  1. The woman being the decanter is my woman I wish to resemble, Justine Jolie. Sweetie, I think many of us share these feelings. Be careful though, it is a demanding life from what I have read and talk about with others, and some Mistresses can be harsh.

    Good Luck.

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