Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Comment on my last post

Lady Alexia said...

The woman being the decanter is my woman I wish to resemble, Justine Jolie. Sweetie, I think many of us share these feelings. Be careful though, it is a demanding life from what I have read and talk about with others, and some Mistresses can be harsh.

Good Luck.

The above post is from Lady Alexia, she posted the comment in public and therefore I hope she does not mind that I am using it in my blog.

I want to ask you all to comment - what is the perfect life of a T girl does anyone have an idea is it very much down to the individual - Are there girls out there whom would give anything to be a maid or is it just lust - easy gratification or have you really dreamed that dream. 

I know I would love to be one of those girls in the clip but I am also very afraid. 

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