Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Big this Summer

Yellow ladies this yummy half bra and thong is perfect. For those that need more support the fuller cup is below

New shape thongs hark back to the 80's cut but still have a modern look and feel.

The perfect little black dress for that summer holiday - make those nights steamier and sexier girls

Heels to die for

Lets party like it's 1980 giggle I love love these leggings are you brave enough?

Divine little garter skirt and thong combination 

Yummy outfit for that first casual date or a shopping spree in Paris or New York

Cute as a button thong

Love the little bow - girls knickers are getting more and more girly and I for one love that

Girls we could all do with shaping and support and I for one admit to wearing them and find that they really help with making my outline more femm and that much more realistic. 

Love this cute light weight denim set.

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