Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Submissive Man or Submissive Women or Submissive Third

No matter what i say or do no matter how femm I make myself I am a man who longs to be a women or am I.

I have been reading the blog and I am a little confused is a sub man still a man, a sub women is still a women and I want to be more I want to me female have a divine body and breasts and yet keep my sissy clit - I do not want it to be big or even hard but to keep it there. 

I feel so strange so sure that this is right for me I was sent this picture by my Sister - she said she had been looking at T girls researching and trying to understand more and she said that she found two images she felt were stunning - I agree somehow she is more women more sexy more every thing. These girls are cute sexy and soo femm. 

So pert and femm and thin and what a yummy 'o' face - I love the fact she is playing with her sissy clit and her other hand is playing with her ass pussy. 

Perfection what an amazing t girl.

Is it being a women that drives me or being one of these women that drives me. Or can it be both?

Does anyone know? 

If I could choose to be one of these girls or one of those girls above who would I choose to be?

Would I choose Natalie Portman or Victoria over the two T girls - yes ofcourse I would as would you but I would want to be Victoria with a little something extra between my legs. 


  1. I would be content to be a girl with the extra for a bit, but i know I really want a real clit and a flat crotch. I want the curves and a gorgeous neck. I want long red hair and be so pretty that guys and gals droll. I also want to be a stripper deep down, not sure why.

  2. Perhaps giggle your a tart giggle. ;-)