Sunday, 14 June 2009

what happened last night

After we had played on my laptop and Zoe was bored of looking at pictures she called John and had a conversation with him. 

She laughed as she chatted with him on the phone.

When she came back into the kitchen she acted totally normally and even suggested we watch some TV - I was a little taken by surprise but did as she requested.

The door bell rang and I answered the door to John. 

He gave me a long and deep kiss and then dribbled some of his saliva into my mouth. I backed away and he held me in place.

he had a small holdall with him.

I took him into the sitting room and he kissed Zoe and Zoe told me to fix John a drink I went into the kitchen and got John a beer and returned to find John on the sofa and Zoe no where in sight. I handed John the beer and he pulled me down onto the sofa and over his knee he spanked me gently and said calmly always curtsey when you bring me something or when I order you to do something is that clear

I squeaked yes 

He spanked me harder once then harder still once more I started to cry.

He then pushed me onto my knees and told me to fetch the control for him while I was on my hands and knees and to bring it to him with my mouth.

I did so he flicked the station and I remained where I was he told me to sit between his legs and he pulled out his large flaccid cock - lick was all he said and I did.

Oh Tabby darling - called Zoe 

John told me to keep sucking 

Tabby come here - insisted Zoe 

John told me to keep sucking - he could sense my fear now 

Tabby come here now - shouted Zoe

John just held my head in situ.

I heard Zoe stamp down stairs and enter the room. 

She pulled me to my feet and screamed at me when I call you bitch you come running is that clear I was about to explain when she slapped me across the face just curtsey whore and say yes Miss. 

Crying I curtsied and said yes Miss 

She slapped me again and I looked shocked and burst into tears and dont suck my husbands cock whore what are are you like. Slut Slut Slut she kept repeating as she pulled me up the stairs and into my bedroom.

She stripped me and yanked off my fake breasts I screamed as the adhesive tape pulled at my skin and left red marks she dragged me to the bathroom and made me sit down on the loo 

now pee and take a shit she ordered I cant I replied she slapped me and said do it I squeezed and really tried but all I could do was pee a little she pulled me up and flush the loo and then made me get into the bath and drop to my hands and knees 

she started to soap me and every now and then pushed her fingers into my ass and then she took the shower head off and pushed the rubber part of the shoer hose into my bottom I felt water enter me and then the water spurted out and I fell onto my hands and cried she pulled out the hose and laughed.

I was now crying freely and she had now dried me powdered me, sprayed perfume all over me and then asked me to dress she had laid out on the bed the content of the holdall John had brought round earlier she told me it was her wedding night lingerie and that I should thank her 

I turned to her and curtsied and thanked her. 

to my shame my sissy clit was engorged and rock hard 

she laughed and patted it and said darling you really are a girl how big are you when you are hard - I turned totally red and she laughed and repeated the question well...

About 5 inches Miss. 

She laughed some more. 

she helped me apply the tape and then affix the my fake breasts. She laughed and said I had not noticed before darling Tabby but your breasts have erect nipples - you are a little slut are'nt you. 

I curtsied and said yes Miss

good now lets dress you. 

She even had a bouquet of flowers for me.

she then handed me a pair of white heels which had a 5 inch heel.

She then made me walk down stairs and enter my own sitting room 

John stood up he was still playing with himself and said about time 

My what a cute bride. He walked over to me and placed a white thick leather collar around my neck - my sissy clit was so hard and he laughed at it. Once the collar was on he clipped a white rope to my collar and then sat down 

Zoe curled up on the sofa next to him and they went back to watching what ever it was John was watching which turned out to be porn 

I was sooo horny and started to moan and purr and then rub myself on Johns leg they laughed at me and called me up between Johns legs Zoe was gently stroking his cock and John told me to lick so I did.

I licked and sucked for what seemed like hours and then I felt Zoe's hand push my head down and feed more of his cock into my mouth with the other hand and then John came I gulped down his cum and cleaned his cock - then without thinking stood up and curtsied and thanked My Master and Miss

They laughed and then John asked Zoe to do something I had never expected he told her to suck me off 

She did with amazing skill and I was so ready to cum I did so in minutes and she stood up and passed back my cum we kissed and shared the cum and saliva and then John took both our hands and led me to my bedroom and he stood above us both as he wanked and told us both to kiss and suck and make love we did he came on us both and then he pissed on us both. 

John left the room and us two alone and Zoe turned to me drenched in piss and with a few drops of cum in her hair and smiled I smiled back and then without reason or warning she slapped me. 

She stood up and told me to clean her - we bathed and made ourselves pretty once again and then we returned to John I was now wearing the most amazing babydoll and yes to my utter shame and humiliation I was hard again. 

I felt like a princes and somehow Zoe knew this and she handed me a pair of my 5 inch heeled sandals and a little tiara she replaced the white collar with a black one to match the colour scheme of my outfit and presented me to John.

The thong I was wearing was so tiny that it did very little to hide my shame. Thank fully the skirt of the babydoll aided a little in hiding my humiliation.

Well I curtseyed to John and then Zoe. And thanked them both for such a divine babydoll 

John took up the conversation you like then darling 

Yes sir I replied 

do you want to thank me then 

yes I replied and I started to move between his legs to suck on his cock but he instructed me to sit  on his lap facing him I placed a knee on either side of his hip and then gently lowered my self till i felt his fat and full cock stop my progress either I had to push it to one side or let it slip into me. 

I stop with it just brushing my pert cheeks.

John started to kiss me and touch my breasts I moaned and purred and then I felt Zoe's hands she had pulled my thong out of the way - I shivered the thought of someone pulling the string of my thong to one side so that my hole was exposed was so pleasurable. I then felt Zoe smearing something cold on my opening and Johns cock and then nothing but coldness and a desire and deep longing 

John did not even ask me too I simply speared myself onto his cock 

I let out a shout as the pain ripped into me and years of denial, fear, lies both to myself and everyone I knew was pushed away by an 8ish inch fat full cock 

I started to enjoy the feeling and started to bounce wildly and heavily on my masters cock.

Zoe kept whispering go on slut take him all enjoy it but in all honesty I was lost my head fell back my mouth opened and I rocked my hips and took more and more cock into me I could feel him pulse and throb and i let out a long and deep moan and then a purr and felt my clit spit cum into my thong then I felt my masters cock throb he looked pained and I felt cum spill into me filling me I purred my master came once more and then he pushed me off his cock I stood up and felt his hot cum almost completely slide out of my hole and down the inside of my thigh

He walked out of the room and left my home 

Zoe laughed 

I asked if I had upset my master she laughed oh you stupid girl you are so naive 

John is ashamed that he has bi tendencies that is why he tends to leave after he cums I control him and he knows it but we play and I let him win sometimes. 

now go clean up and come with me we are going to play a few games at our house....

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