Wednesday, 10 June 2009

My deepest darkest fantasy

Well I have been thinking ever since I was asked and I have finally decided on a fantasy and also found the courage to admit it. 

It starts off in an English country estate - my husband to be and his friends are staying in the village and I am having my Hen night.

It is Friday night and all the girls are tipsy and we are all dressed in white lingerie and acting like brides drinking champers and being girly.

We are to wed on the Sunday afternoon and until Saturday afternoon when guests arrive whom are staying at the estate and the help we are all alone.

The estate would look a little like this 

The girls would all be dressed like this while we are all sitting in front of the log fire and drinking far too much champagne

The girls all slip away and some partner up as they retire to their rooms I walk along the hallway in the middle of the night stopping at each bedroom I peer into each room.

I stop at the first room and watch as my best friend is suckling another of my friends ans she in turn is finger fucking her pussy. I rub myself and cross my thighs and bit my lip to stop me moaning 

I move onto the next room and my friend Alicia is on her hands and knees while Karen is wearing a strap on and fucking her I catch Karen's eye and she smiles and starts to fuck her slave harder I blush as she pulls on Alicia's golden hair and lifts her head up to watch me slide my hands into my thong and play with my clit Alicia licks her lips I walk into the room and push my moist pussy into the girls face Karen releases her hold on Alicia's hair and pulls my face towards hers and we kiss long and deeply 

I let out a moan and convulse as the girl lapping at my clit sent waves of pleasure through me. 
I push my crotch hard into her face and feel myself cumming I grab at the girls head and pull her hair trying to make the pleasure more intense and last longer.  

I stand back and blush I turn away and quickly leave the room as I leave their moans tease me and make my nipples hard. I feel cols as my cum soaks into the silky white material of my panties as I move the air passes and makes me feel cold. I stop at another doorway this time Caitlin is sitting in the large leather club chair smoking her cigarettes through a cigarettes holder, her underwear and her dark bob cut make her look like a 1920's pin up she has her eyes closed and is whispering something I can not see anyone else so I shift my position and then spot Katie she is on her hands and knees and lapping at Caitlin's pussy.

What is Caitlin whispering I move into the room making sure to stay in the shadows and finally I hear Caitlin's words

Purr you stupid bitch she thats it be a nice little kitten for mummy.

Katie is nodding and lapping at the older girls cunt while purring and moaning. My eyes adjust to the darkness and I start to make out details Katie has a tail Caitlin has pushed a butt plug with a furry cats tail into the poor girls arse 

I step closer and Caitlin nods in my direction she smiles and I turn as red as her pussy lips and 
she whispers what have we here another little kitten my you are all awake tonight do you want some milk 

I simply nod and fall to my knees and move into position and start to lick her pussy my tongue is pushing at her hole and licking her ring and every now and then my tongue touches Katie's and we moan our cheeks pressed together as we try and lick our mistress.

both katie and I are so engrossed in our tasks that we do not see or hear the two other girls enter the room the first I am aware of it is when Katie moans and bucks and I look back to see Karen fucking Katie with her strap on I smile and turn back to my chores then my eyes widen I turn and look over my shoulder to find Alicia pushing a butt plug into my ass with a foxes tail 

I push my ass into the air and arch my back as much as I can and bury my face deep into Caitlin's pussy.

Then I feel my lips being rubbed and two fingers slide into me I shiver and moan and start to rock back onto the fingers. I turn to Katie and she is totally lost her eyes have rolled back and her mouth is hanging open

I watch her as she slips into orgasm and starts to moan and grunt she starts to squeal and then I am lost my eyes close involuntarily and I begin to orgasm

I remember little after that just waves of pleasure, creamy thighs tight tummy's, pert breasts and the sleep takes us all.

I wake first to find myself in a tangle of limbs and gently remove myself and walk towards my bedroom for a shower.

The girls are all up and we are having breakfast we are all blushing and feeling a little ashamed. Katie is my husband to be sister and she is really blushing.

We giggle chat and drink bucks fizz and as time passes the house staff start to arrive as do the wedding catering staff so we move our little party to the main bedroom in the house a huge room - a perfect brides to be boudoir.

Katie calls the kitchen and asks for more Champagne as the girls try on their outfits and play with make up and their underwear

The day passes and now it is the day of my wedding. We are all getting ready as the girls are pulling at my corsetry while another is fixing my hair and so on. 

There is a knock on the door and 2 black guys enter the room with a tray of champagne and nibbles. 

They watch us as they place the trays down and we can see they are excited - who wouldn't be sexy girls in all states of undress - One thing leads to another and the girls start to tease me the guys take out their huge fat cocks and start to stroke them and before too long we are on our knees sucking fat black cock 

The girls all pushed at each other to try and suck on the guys cocks.

Finally spent the catering staff leave. 
The girls get me ready and we walk down the aisle. Everything is perfect the guests are all smiling and pointing at the bride and the brides maids and commenting that we all look flushed from the event.

I stand at the alter blushing wide eyes everyone smiles and comments on my innocence 

I smile to myself and look down and bite my lip I blushed because the cum from my earlier fucking is slowly leaking into my silk thong and then starts to slide down the inside of my thigh. I say I do and kiss my Husband everyone claps and the cum starts to leak out of my ass too.