Friday, 19 June 2009

Sexy Images

I have been sent a number of images from various friends of this blog and general readers asking me to express my feelings - Now some of you have sent some very naughty pictures and I just could not post them as I am not that type of girl - you know who you are! Giggle

But the other images were very sexy and here is a small selection of those that I find sexy, enticing and just ever sooo yummy.

She is pure sex - she is waiting for something I like to think it is a cock - I wish I could get that femm a look and that look.

I adore this picture a strong amazonian stance yet so femm and posh 

To the manor born she is so proper her hair is so severe and she is teasing her slave in an ever so mmmm way. 

I love the girls stance in this picture she is almost standing like a gun slinger / cowboy - her thumb tucked into her suspender belt and her weapon out and ready to fire. 

Step 1 in how to femm a man - suck his cock and fuck him he will never notice. 

How I imagine all close girls behave giggle - are they not the sweetest thing you have ever seen

Just look how proper and well breed she looks - so elegant so well turned out and look at her friend whisper in her ear suck it whore - I adore the little bit of cum it just elevates the image to a sensual height. Her friend licks it all up - well thats how I see it giggle

owe to own my own slave - I would be so nice and yet so evil.

I want to be this girl to make a man want to eat me out sooo much I adore the power this women has it is so femm

I adore the looks on the girls faces she is looking over her shoulder wanting more and the girl underneath her eyes are rolling back as cum slides out of her friends pussy and into her mouth I would love to be the girl underneath 

fuck me pls - giggle

Step 2 in how to femm your man no need to blow him off anymore just wank him and fuck him and he will never notice the difference. 

Oh to be a couples slave I would be the best maid ever. 

I want to be a PA to a strong female boss I would adore her using me at the board table 

Women are by far the better sex.

`I wish my bottom was as pert

I wish my lips were as lush

I find this so sexy - not sure why?


  1. if ever you do want to own a slave, call me! melody xox

  2. giggle how do we get in touch?

  3. i'll put my email address in a new posting on my blog ... hit me up! mel xxx

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