Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Most sensitive part

I find it amazing how little things remind you of thoughts, feelings, sounds and smells you had as a child.  

Everytime I hear an icecream van I think of summer at home playing in the garden as an 8 year old with my dolls house. While I was writing the previous posts  just blowing on my nipples can make them erect they are sooo sensitive and joking aside girls is it normal? I just cant touch them at the moment without feeling sore (if I touch them a little too hard) or sensual if it is a light touch or brush. 

I giggled as I recalled my school days - I was about 15 and I remember some girls had really developed 
breasts and I was so envious I wanted breasts I wanted that shape. I remember standing at the bus stop alone in my thoughts watching several girls as we all waited for the bus to take us home.

I watched in fascination as her nipples poked through her bra, shirt fabric and school jumper - I wanted that and I remember going home and pinching my nipples in front of the mirror in my room trying to make them larger. 

I still love it when my nipples poke through my clothes. I know some girls get embarrassed but I think it is femm and sexy  

Very cute set - but too grungy for me

Natalie has amazing set

I cant do this at the moment without moaning is this normal - girls please do advise how they make you feel

I love fabric rubbing them gently 

Sooo cute

Does a piercing make them more sensative? I am not sure I could cope 

Girls opinions pls...


  1. Oh the piercings MUST make them sooo much more sensitive, Tabby! i'd love to have that done! What a gorgeous pic that is ... x melody

  2. My nipples have become super sensitive. In fact, I've recently discoverd that if I play with my right nipple in a certain way, I can orgasm just by doing that alone!

    Mine are pierced and therefore are always on display (I don't wear bras yet). So much so that several people have commented about them being so visable. Personally, I love it. And being a masochist, I really enjoy the constant tenderness and achy feeling behind my nipples now.

    Have your started to leak yet? :)