Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Girls what is the furthest you have ever walked in heels that are 5 inch plus. I have managed about a mile when shopping with friends. 

I was in Covent Garden yesterday and was watching the world running to and from various meetings, appointments secret liaisons  - giggle when 3 women walked past they were amazingly dressed and wore heels that were atleast 5 inches perhaps even 6 and they walked like they were dancing their hips swayed and they looked stunning they were late as they seemed to be hurrying but their heels could have been flats they just glided past - Every guy watched them and they knew it. 

I was stunned by it I really was I got home and tried to emulate their walk. One of the most sensual things I have ever seen.

I wish I was brave enough to have taken a picture. 


  1. I have a pair of 6" pumps. I only wear pumps at home. But I think during a day it might be a few hundred yards I walk in these shoes.

    xxx martin

  2. Where is my secret liason going to be?

  3. blushing - anywhere you wish sir