Monday, 6 June 2011

I love big butts...

Ok I don't but I do love pert butts. 

I was sent this graphic and it got me thinking. I do love my bottom, tush ass, butt, etc...
It is the best thing about me a combination of hormones, yoga, reebok step and walking in heels all the time has really helped shape and tone my backside. It is the most femm thing about me.

Oh by the way girls one of the pics below is a shot of my ass! The first correct answer will win a pair of my dirty knickers giggle. 

So I decided to take a few pics and found some amazing buns for you all to blush at.
Sheer perfection rounded pert and femm the curve of her back the thong and how the materiel perfectly rests between her cheeks. 

I love wider garter belts they look stunning and bows on the back look like the bottom is a gift.

The perfect tear drop bottom

A little manly but perfectly formed 

I do love an athletic pert butt - blushing 

Almost perfect 

I adore this image I love the way she is bending and sliding her knickers down a little wiggle to help

Two cute square bums 

Almost to good to be real 

Shall I get a tramp stamp girls - let me know

Utterly amazing. Her curves the dimples the narrow waist sheer feline beauty 

What ever is she hiding giggle

Oh I sooo want a pair of those shorts 

tight buns not amazingly femm in shape but ever so pert 

Love the leggings 

Like tying up a present 

Love the bow

OMG that is what I call iron grip



  1. wooow, soo beautiful pics. I have to work for a pretty butt for myself too, giggle

    xxx martin

  2. Are you in the pic labled, "Shall I get a tramp stamp...?"

    And my answer to your question is, no. You are way too lovely and classy for a tramp stamp.

  3. Miss Sissy - I wish that was my backside. Thank you for even considering that was me. Totally love you. Thank you for your kind words.

    Love Tabby xxxx

  4. OHhhhh - Tabby i love all your posts - but you REALLY have a talent for building this kind of collection - this is amazing!
    And normally i try to play the "which one would i be" game but...i'd be SO grateful for any of those!

  5. i bet its the one with the bow? :p

  6. This one is you? The "tight buns not amazingly femm in shape but ever so pert." ;-)

  7. Sasha darling well spotted - where shall I send my thong too darling

  8. @Tabby,

    Yes!I won! Would you be so kind to send me an email to so I can let you know? I really shouldn't post my addy here. Internet perverts everywhere! ;-)