Monday, 6 June 2011

Women that inspire me

Most of the images below are from a blog called
I love his work he takes pictures of women from across the globe usually from a fashion perspective. 
But each subject, each shot shows the persons inner power wether it is confidence or innocence he manages to capture it. 

The following images are some of my faves...

I love her strength and confidence - I wonder what she is smiling at I would die to have her confidence and will power you can see it all over her. Wonderful example of powerful yet feminine women. 

Sexy sassy and oh my she places one foot in front of the other I soooo love it when a women walks like that. Adore her haircut

Cute, adorable and as hot as they come tell me girls is there anyone out there who does not want to be her?

Elegant, graceful and sensual is there anymore to say? Perhaps divine.

Sooo fashionable so much confidence so much attitude I bet her pussy bites - giggle

Another aspect of womenhood I find fascinating - the softer women the women that needs a man to protect her. It must feel so yummy to feel that everything is taken care of and all you need do is look pretty and feline

Rosie she's back I do adore this little nymph - a playful pic. She is stylish, sexy, sensual, naughty and has attitude by the lorry load. This girl is totally and utterly divine little English rose. 

Why do I find these women inspiring.... 

Well...I find women / girls who have attitude and are dom with women but are submissive to guys, are very femm and feline, can be sensual and a little bit snooty but are sooo naughty soo inspiring - I guess becuase I sooo want to be that girl. 

How about you. Post you comments with links to the women you find inspiring I am dying to know what you all think. 


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