Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Sometimes I am charged full of sensitivity

As you all know I adore dressing up. I love being the best dressed and most over dressed girl in the room. I love the feeling of tightness the pull of my bra strap the tug of my suspender strap as it pulls on my stocking tops as I move elegantly across the room. 

Sometimes and I am not sure why perhaps its the hormones, perhaps women feel like this all the time and I am just discovering it or simply it might be my male side feeling horny which is expressed as sensitivity in my female side. 

I could not sleep last night I was alive with feeling my babydoll bodice felt tight and sensual against my skin. Where the babydoll meets my waist it flairs out in a micro skirt as i lay in bed the feeling of the lace skirt touching my thigh tops sent shivers of pleasure along my spin - I actually moaned as my feather quilt brushed across my nipples. I found myself slowly moving my hips and trying to rub my sissy clit against the fabric of my matching lace thong. I was a small ball of sensitive nerve endings each touch, feel, movement made me want more. I just could not sleep. I found myself rubbing the front of my knickers and my sissy clit and gently pulling at my thong so that the material would gently rub between my cheeks and on the sensitive area around my sissypussy....

I had to get up I had to I just did not want to cum I just had to do something else...Coffee early morning TV....Images of sensually dressed women silk cool and smooth caressing my nipples... 

The tightness of a little black dress - his strong hand on my breasts - his breath on my neck...

Showing him a glimpse of stocking top letting him touch my skin between my panties and the top of my stockings purring my need for him inside me

I want his cock in my mouth while I hold a glass of wine perhaps pre dinner drinks at his home while we wait for a cab 

Both of us dressed well I want him to ravage me to pull up my elegant gown and pull aside my knickers and plunge into me 

To strip back to my heels and fuck me

We both dress again and I purrr at him like a whore he bends me over and fucks me with a dildo I scream I need his cock again I want to feel fucked I want to feel full  

The cab comes and goes we lie in bed naked his huge tool pressed between my breasts I gasp at its weight and thickness I know it will hurt and I will be walking funny for days but I want it in me deep in me it is the only way to stop the sensitivity the only thing that can make me feel normal to let me sleep to let each part of my body rest 


  1. So sensual..... Thank You! susannah xxx

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