Thursday, 2 June 2011

Nipple ring

girls have any of you had your nipple pierced - I sooo want to but I am sooo scared. 


  1. Not painless but bearable. Must be kept clean and NOT played with until healed. Use best 316L SS or titanium. Mine both grew out of the end of my nipples after about 10 years and my body rejected new ones but didn't try titanium then..

    Extra orgasms cum with the rings and always aware of your nipples. Go for it if you don't like them just take them out and the holes will vanish Bonus my nipples are still at least 1/2" long and very sensitive.

  2. Nipple rings are a must have for me. i first got pierced years back, they piercings added sensitivity and size to my nips, just wish i could make my aureola bigger, guys like women with large dark aureola.