Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Why are some girls able to wander around almost completely in the nude and other girls of equal beauty unable too? 

Can a women have too much confidence? Yesterday I was sitting in my fave Shoreditch coffee house watching the world roll by and the most average looking women entered the café and queued for her coffee but she really did light up the room. A phrase often used but rarely lived up to. This wonderful creature simply oozed confidence. It some how transformed her she was not brash or loud simply well dressed, polite and deliberate in her actions perhaps it was a show but OMG girls did it work!

That got me thinking as everything seems to these days what is female confidence - where does the 
lad-ette live in the spectrum and can a tgirl be confident? 

Would I sunbath topless - yes I have done so but I am not sure I would do so openly? 

I really admire this women - but is her confidence derived from her external beauty or an inner self belief? 

For me the better dressed I am the more femm I feel which makes me feel more confident does this resonate with you all?


  1. I love confident women! They don't have to be stunningly beautiful, but when they come into a room and just dominate it with their confidence or their aura, well I either want to be them because I am envious or I want to serve them because I am so darn submissive!

  2. i find that even though i'm a very sub girlie in the bedroom my natural femme persona is quite confident and calm. weird, no?

  3. I have to agree with you, that if I dress up, cute skirt by the way, I feel better and more femm and more willing to go out. If I wear showy items or revealing I can't or won't go out as much. Love the blog and work

  4. I agree Miss MT and yes Jason - oh and thank you so much for the kind words