Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Images sent in

My inbox is overflowing with images you sexy gorgeous gals have sent in - I have selected several from various different emails - girls you know who sent what so thank you.

I love this image she is totally his to use - she has lost all her will power her eyes are showing total 
submission. This is sexy and I sooo long to be sir pet again. 

Some guys just like to cum. Cum on stockings can be sooo sexy especially if you make the little faggot lick it off. Giggle

I adore two women together like this I imagine the shorter girl is a sub to the taller and plus it is Natalie so win win giggle. 

I adore this image it is soo womenly to be able to be exposed so much and yet not show a thing very sexy

A big fat cigar so sexy powerful women I am trying to learn to be assertive Sir lets me take control of the other girls from time to time. A role I enjoy but am not a natural at it. 


Such an amazing image I love her look she wants to fuck her wants to hurt her so sensual so powerful

I adore petgirls and love playing with sirs pony girls and cats those girls are sooo funny they can be very very naughty. 

Cute wild kitten

On show - I love adore get soo turned on when a girl lets herself go totally into being a pet she is totally in the now she is an animal she is his pet. I love her look and her tongue hanging out sooo perfect so submissive. I wish I had a genetic girl as a pet. 


  1. As usual Tabby, you're raised the bar very high for the rest of us!!
    This is another wonderful collection of images and ideas. Sometimes i dream of being a little kept sissi-pet myself *blush*


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