Wednesday, 13 October 2010

What turns you on

Ladies do tell - be honest I have (see my previous post)

Everything ladies all your deep darkest hidden secrets. Gents, Tgirls you too.

Giggle I want to know if you want it up your bum, or if you want to dress like a Schoolgirl and suck cock. Tell me.



  1. People with wonderful minds like you turn me on !!

    I can't wait to get away from work and slip into my favorite panties or get all dressed up and sit down to look at all my blogs.

    Masturbation can take hours I love evry second.

    Kisses, Michelle

  2. blushing thank you soooo much

  3. There are sooo many things - long legs in nylon, crossdressing, lingerie, blowjobs, stilettos, women in sexy menswear, girls kissing, wearing lace panties under my pants...

    But what turns me on more than anything is gender-bending. To reverse the conventional roles and attire of men and women. For my lover and I to experience life and love from each other’s perspective, in each other’s clothing, and indulging our every carnal desire. A man in a slinky cocktail dress and stiletto heels, voluptuous breastforms swelling his lacy bra, a long silky wig framing his pretty, seductively-madeup face. A woman in a suit and tie, hair cut short and sleek, a thick masculine accessory strapped between her strong legs. A confident and charming gentleman. An elegant and seductive woman. A romantic evening that surpasses all expectations. Passion and intimacy and the thrill of discovery in a candlelit room. The satisfaction and ecstasy as two bodies become each other and then unite as one being.

  4. ooh Elise, I am getting hot giggle

  5. Seeing a natural woman with long hair and wearing heels.
    I want to get home and get into my feminine self and I don't really care one way or the other if I masturbate or not as long as I can stay as my feminine self for as long as I can.

  6. I dream of finding the perfect Mistress, one who will permanently transform me into her perfect bimbo sissy slut. I dream of meals laced with hormones, waking up with breast implants, and being rendered permanently hairless. It's not just the utter, absolute, irreversible femininity . . . it's all the complete loss of control.

    I also have a fetish for cum, which usually involves me being fed my own mess. Of course, as a bimbo sissy slut, I'm ecstatically happy and appreciative of my treat.

  7. transformation of guy into girl of course, but just gathering femme items in my head and imagining surrounding myself with those thing is sometimes enough. Like I just won the lottery, and I'm being pampered by a spa with a full wardrobe awaiting me after they've done my hair and makeup

  8. Oh Tabby thanks for the question and thanks everyone for the lovely answers.

    *giggle* is "all of it" too silly an answer?
    But the shame of it is what i crave...the frilly femmy sheer lacy things from hair-ribbons to heels slipped onto me - "forced" onto me, though of course i want it really.

    Each one making my secret pleasure visible making my every thought and wiggle and blush and moan shout "SISSY!"

  9. Mmmmmm what turns me is a pair of broad shoulders and strong hands mm when I se those I just ant to dress my best so that he will think me perfect than the thought of sucking him before he slides his large cock deep inside yum yum yum

  10. Ohh Tabby what a wonderful question. It would have to be to be stood on a transparent balcony overlooking a town square and wearing my basque and stockings and being fucked slowly with a massive strap-on which my Owner is gradually sliding in and out of me whilst a crowd gathers in the square below as i pull hard on my titties and get stretched wide just above their heads :o)

  11. The perfect six-inch cut cock!

  12. girls girls your all whores giggle ;-)

  13. The things that turn me on: shopping for new clothes for crossdressing (panties, bras, hosiery, pants, blouses, heels); dressing up in lingerie, pants, blouse, and heels, going out, and see how many people notice my clothes; the women's giggles and smiles as they notice my clothes; phone sex; computer time masturbation sessions; humiliation.

  14. Hi Tabby, sorry I'm late to your post, but I just had to respond. I have to say that being feminine is what turns me on, but of course that's rather vague. I luv everything from shaving my legs and slipping on my stockings to being a sexy vixen serving my Mistress or Master.

    But in total honesty, I must admit that what turns me on the very most is when Mistress makes me take off my panties so that she can see how hard my little clitty gets while she makes me drop to my stocking covered knees and she verbally abuses me, calling me a little sissy faggot cocksucker, as she holds my head by my hair and gradually lets me suck the hard cock in front of my face.

    Of course, nothing compares to the thrill of his cock exploding as he fucks my sissy mouth, and I do luv it when he pulls out and marks me as his bitch, but Mistress' abuse and knowing that she's right aboput what a little cum-craved sissy slut I am -- well that's what turns me on the most.