Sunday, 3 October 2010

Short Story - The Party

My name is Amy and I live with my sister Steph.

Steph is stunning! She is a genetic women and I am her very femm twin brother. Steph caught me dressing in her underwear about 8 months ago and after a very big heart to heart she agreed to help me become Amy.

Steph is a very successful lawyer and has paid for all my hormones and hypnotherapy sessions. She insisted I become a straight women not some mixed up faggot sissy cross breed.

8 months of yoga, hormones, deep therapy finally the day arrives and I am ready to start testing myself in real situations.

Steph and I dress and in between giggling, blushing and feeling sooo hot about my first attempt to pull a real straight guy at club.

Amy, Steph said in her normal stern - I am going to tell you what to do voice. now she added you look amazing and apart from that tiny little sissy clit and pebbles you call balls you are all women. Now shut up have another glass of wine and lets get ready I am in need of some cock tonight.

Both Steph and I giggled - I looked at my sister and hugged her and said your such a slut.

We arrived at the club and my sister was off sharking the waters trying to find the alpha male. I got a glass of wine and started to dance.

I felt amazing my body moved naturally to the music I could feel my clothes so tight and yet so revealing I licked my lips and closed my eyes and let the sexual energy of the club wash over me 

I felt hands on me then I felt a fat rod poking my lower back I reached around eyes closed and felt his cock through his jeans, his body was hard as my hand explored his rippled stomach and then moved back to his throbbing hot cock even through the jeans I knew this guy was hung.

I danced against him and pushed my cute little butt into his lap and thrilled at the energy I felt, why I thought to myself if this is what women feel when they get close to a man no wonder so many of them act like sluts. 

He whispered in my ear I am a VIP do you want to goto the VIP area
I nodded thrilled that my man was valued enough to be able to gain access to the secret areas of the club.
My mind raced and I was as turned on by his wealth, power and good looks I knew he would keep me and look after me.

Wow I felt these strange feelings well up from deep inside. 

I followed my hunk to the VIP lounge

I could sense others looking at me and feeling envious and I could sense other guys wanting to be me and some wanting to be with me

The feelings whirled around more intoxicating than any drug they left me high

he sat on the sofa and I started to lap dance for him he slowly lifted my almost there skirt portion of my dress and pulls me onto his lap

My hand moved to his belt and he smiled and whispered I want to fuck you.  

everything inside me exploded into shiny gems of feelings my body was one huge g spot - my nipples were hard, my sissy clitt was wet, my asspussy ready

like a cheap whore I turned around on him and licked my lips and begged him to take me

He stood up his powerful arms lifted me easily and with one hand he pulled my thong out of the way and then stabbed me with his cock I felt him move deeper and deeper and deeper until finally he stopped his balls were pressing against my hole and I gritted my teeth and spat out the words fuck me fuck me sooo hard I scream

he pounded me and other VIP's watched some joined in others took video clips or pictures with their phones I bounced on his giant cock for what felt like days I was in and out of awareness the pain the pleasure and mostly the idea the excitement of it all made me hotter than ever

I bucked and moaned like a cheap slut and then he dropped me onto the sofa and told me to suck

I fell to my knees and he stripped then I took his giant fat rod of a cock and sucked it like my life was energised by its very presence

he stripped me and then fucked me 5 long stokes than made my body quiver then he pulled out and spat the words

Eat my cum you sissy faggot eat it or I will piss in  your face....

I did what all girls like me love to do I ate his cum and begged for more


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