Wednesday, 20 October 2010

a collection of images and a series of thoughts

Over the months I have several readers send images too me and request I leave a comment. I have a large number come through recently I am not sure I want to do these types of posts any more unless something special comes from them. 

So enjoy as this is my last user selected image post - Oh giggle I am a girl so I retain the right to change my mind giggle. 

The first reader and set of images were sent in by 'Link' I love the name and I guess you must be male. Link sounds male. Do let me know darling Link. 

Link - Yes I do agree she is rather sensual but I am not totally convinced she is as remarkable as you indicate. 

However these two are amazing the clothing the pose everything is electric here. 

Link - this is divine so sexual she looks like she is about to be punished. 

Our second reader and image contributor is Sabby. Yes babe I do agree black cock is amazing well any fat cock with a fat set of balls is nice giggle. 

Sabby - Yes I adore the fact he can lick her tummy and fuck her. 

Sabby I adore this pic I have used it myself. I do wonder if she would have been better of with smaller breasts? 

Sabby darling you really do know me don't you. Wow. 

Sabby I think with this image there are 1000 or admirers out there right now cuming - admit it boys whom of you want her. 

Sabby your such a tease

Oh Sabby stop it oh my girls who would you be in this image? 

Sabby I am almost dripping wet giggle. You are a whore 

Girls guys and those not sure giggle this was sent in by my Sister!!
What can I asy I dream of being her I adore her dress her hair her look ooooooh girls tell me the truth who here would not want to be her? 

I think my big sister is a bit or a romantic - girls whom does not want this 

or this - I would just die to be a rich housewife so sexy so available so naughty

Natalie thank you for this image this is well this is perfection!!! Giggle

Natalie are you trying to please me giggle. I adore this image and I love how her eyes are rolled back in total submission. 

These ladies are mine I want to explore the tgirl genetic girl devide are there any genetic girls willing to be interviewed by email? Phone? Please let me know. 

Is she a women or something in between?

So sensual

So cute - we can be everything a women can and more. 

Not real but sooo sexy

Carl - darling thank you for your pics and I adore this one is it sexy not sure but I love the idea.

Carl is she real I think I am in love giggle

Carl I love this pic. 

Carl - divine 

Matt are you a geek by any chance giggle I love you guys. 

Giggle Matt a bit of a theme here.

Matt darling I adore Kim possible I had no idea she had grown up giggle

Matt sweetie lets talk giggle

Matt hun please email me you need a little help darling. On a serious note ladies do you dress up and roleplay with hubbies and boy friends? 

Matt sweetie last one ok Kimmy darling you look stunning. Girls and boys a little update from Matt he wants to be Kim possible. Thanks matt for sharing and the additional emails. Hun from know on to me your are darling Miss Kim Possible. XXXXX

Lisa - yummy she is truly divine 

Lisa you know I adore fake celebs and this is an amazing one thank you hun

Lisa she is utter perfection thank you

Takken - I am guessing hun you are male and wow what an amazing image. I prefer to see a tgirl sucking cock but this is just yummy also 

Takken this is amazing a fake Natalie Portman Tgirl sooo yummy giggle thank you. 

Takken did you draw this It has to be the best tgirl illustration ever so sensual so erotic so yummy 

Fakes or real Takken has an great eye. 

Oh my... Giggle and very much blushing 


  1. Those last 5 pictures are just divine! I'm on my knees ready for them!

  2. I love the 2 lingerie pics from your sister. Who wouldn't want to be those women? Gorgeous, absolutely sexy in lingerie, confident women who know they can wrap a man around their little finger and make him to whatever they want.

  3. ooooh they are ALL wonderful! *blushes* such great inspiration in all of them!

  4. Really good pictures. I hope you don't mind if one day I make caps out of a few of these.

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