Monday, 18 October 2010

Getting thinner, eating protein fresh from the source Giggle. Oh and being sore

I am a size 12 sometimes I get a little depressed and eat far too much and flux up to a 14 then I get upset and feel like a fat man in drag so I diet like mad and stop eating and drop down to a 10.

I have been chatting to several girls in various blogs who are all trying to lose weight some are over weight some are thin but want to be a size 6 rather than a 10 or 8.

My goal is to aim for a size 8. So I have been very careful with what I eat I have been working even harder with my yoga lessons and have stepped up my running. I also have two sessions at home with an aerobic instructor. Normally it is with a wonderful lady called Sophie but she is pregnant and has introduced me to a guy called Rick. Yes Sophie explained to Rick who and what I am.

The good news is Rick is cute. Trying to work out how to ask him to let me post his picture. The continuing good news is that he is also bi.

I met him last week and we discussed my ambitions I told him about my weight loss goals and what I was trying to achieve and that I did not want to add muscle but to be more toned and more of a femm shape. I wanted to help the hormones rather than fight against them. I moaned about always being tired and hungry and my binges.

He was great and gave me some amazing ideas to help achieve the goals we had set through visualisation techniques.

One idea he gave me was to find images of girls I would love to be and put them on the fridge and on the inside of the cupboards at home. He told me not to focus on the weight loss and that process but to focus on why and what it would allow me to do.

These are the pictures I posted up around my home.

Now girls tell me honestly how much do you all want a bottom like this.

I love this girl I have no idea who she is but I adore the shape her hips bones make and the access it provides to her flat tummy and her sex. I wish I could have the same shape it invites guys down it is almost like a road map it is so powerful.

Just look at those legs

could this girl be any better?

Again I am amazed by her shape the hip bone creates the space which thn if the tummy is flat enough allows a hand to easily slide in it is sooo femm so sensual sooo erotic it makes my sissy clit twitch - I sooo need to be thinner

Thin girls have such an amazing shape and they can get away with wearing almost nothing

I adore these girls so thin so pert - they can wear anything

so perfect

I adore it when a girl is so thin you can see her musculature but that it still is femm and not developed

skinny jeans on skinny legs sooo sexy

Because she is so tiny she can wear those knickers and it hides her sex yet is almost not there. I adore the ability to wear next to nothing and yet still look respectable

Again how tiny are those shorts only a skinny girl can get away with that - I want to look like her

Having followed Rick's guidance I had started making great headway. I have really cut back on food and I really do not have any cravings. I am exercising more. Well he pop round for a training session on Sunday and we had a great work out he then stripped off and stood infront of me with the fattest
hairless cock balls I have ever seen.

(I have spent most of today trying to find an image worthy - this is pretty close ok bigger but Rick was not far behind)

I was sat on my yoga mat looking at him and he held his cock and stroked it...

I sat there eyes wide open unsure what to do I licked my lips a mixture of desire and thirst from the workout.

Rick slowly walks forward still stroking his monster cock and stops he stops stroking himself and mentions me forward I sit up on my matt and without any real thought shift onto my knees
I sit on my knees and wait

He walks forward and pushes his cock onto my lips his cock slides off my lips and slides across my cheek I lick my lips and can taste his cock on them

I lift my hand slowly and hold his cock Rick slowly starts to pump my hand.

I open my mouth and start to ask a question and without out a moment hesitation he presses his cock against my slightly open mouth he is past my lips but not pass my teeth.

My mind is screaming at me the noise in my head is so loud I can not hear myself

I try to calm myself and Rick gently nudges me again my lips close on his cock head and his nudges rocks my head gently.

What is my problem arrrggghhhh my mind screams

Come on Tabby you have sucked several cocks Rick is a sexy guy cute well hung and fit. He will help you lose weight, he is bi you know this why will you not suck him

I sat on my knees and Rick now held his cock and pushed it slightly harder at my mouth he slipped across my teeth and into the side of my mouth his cock filled my cheek and I felt that I must have looked like a chipmunk. 

He pulled out his cock and held the back of my head he grabbed a small handful of hair and held my head in place.

My mind spun 

He spoke low and almost grunted the words at me

Suck my fucking cock bitch 

My mouth fell open and a surge of tears welled up in my eyes I stopped myself from crying as I felt my cheeks burn red with anger, fear and shame...

His cock entered my mouth and holding my head in place he face fucked me. Within moments my hand was in my panties and playing with my sissy clit and my other hand pulling at my nipples.

He pulled out of my mouth and allowed me to catch my breath

Pumping his cock hard and fast with his hand he stood above me he just wanted to cum now and he wanted to cum on my face and in my mouth 

His power and my lack of abilities meant that he was hurting my jaw and he just wanted to cum then leave he grunted and then growled I took this as my message and closed my eyes I opened my mouth and then I felt the first fat string of cum land on my chin it ran across my lips and fell into my mouth then 
across my nose and a fat deposit on my closed eye lid. I knew from past experience that mens cum and girls eyes do not mix so kept my eyes closed. 

His aim was better the 2nd string shot into my mouth then the third the fourth landed on my lips and my tongue shot out and licked it up. 

He then pushed his cock into my mouth I licked it clean. His salty cum was pleasant I thought not too bad I have had much worst. 

I then wiped the cum from my face and licked it off my hand and opened my eyes I smiled at Rick as he was dressing. He smiled back and said good girl. 

I purred and he left. 

My next session is Thursday. I am looking forward to well you know giggle. Totally Blushing now!!!!


  1. Such a sexy story! I'm size 22 right now, curvy and fabulous, but I'll lose weight. I'd love a strong male to guide me towards thin and curvy.

  2. Now, that's what my gym is missing! Maybe the promise of a little protein would be just what I need to get my sissy ass back there.

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