Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I think too much someone help me work it all out

Girls a question. I know you all love TV / TG / TS fiction I do also. But there seems to be a repeating element to it. I know I also fall foul of this also.

The guy turns into a girl thats cool we all love that but to seal the deal she has to suck cock have cum on her face and or get fucked hard by cock. 

Why do we need that what drives us to this

Is this image femm yes from male perspective it is as this girl is submissive to a man and she is covered in his scent. 

Is this sexy?

Is this what tgirls long for? 

Lesbian girls genetic girls tell us teach us let us understand our true nature and whom we long to be. Don't hate or fear us. 

Why do I find this so sexual so erotic a mans cum on my knickers why is this such a turn on is it the fear of the taboo is this wrong, how can it be I think of myself as a women so it should be natural?

Are there any genetic girls reading this feeling turned on or grossed out. Girls we need you to tell us. We are dying to be you help us along the path. 

She looks happy and content is that because she has pleased her man tell me why?

Why am I excited by this 

I am almost ready to cum just thinking about this image to be a pet and then hand fed cum wow so erotic. 

Look at her she seems so happy so eager to please should I be following her example 

Why is this so erotic is it the guy or the two girls needing his cock?

this is so base so primeval so sexual I want someone to need me so much that they fuck me like an animal

good girl in life fucking whore in the bed room I soooo want this double standard 

Look at it if he fucks her he will be in her tummy I love her. Her tiny pert breasts her cute smile her pigtails and I hate her for being her and being able to take that monster. 

why is this sooo sexy

OMG look at it it must weigh as much as I do. 

Wow girls who finds this sexy amazing and a total turn on?

I would love to do this has anyone out there tried this does it work how sexy is it?

Ok I have not held that many cocks or balls but I do know I adore holding a set of fat balls. Girls?

Is that real?


  1. Personally, I've always wanted to experience life and love as a regular woman, not a sissy or slut. Juggling a career, friends, a boyfriend, etc - all while looking pretty and wearing great clothes. Sex would usually be a romantic and amazing time with someone special.

    But every girl has her wild and kinky side: 2 guys at once, a girlfriend and a box of toys, cum from multiple guys on my naked body and having a girlfriend lick me clean...

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