Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Poll is over - long live the poll...

So darlings, tgirls, tv's fags and sissies your top 5:

1. With 16% of the votes a PA or Secretary

2. Closely followed by Whore / Hooker / Stripper with 15% (really girls?)

3. The virginal bride came in with 12% of the votes

4. Schoolgirl and Maid tied at 10% of the votes

5. And with 9% of the votes Lingerie only

Well I voted for Air Stewardess which only got 2% of the votes.

What does this mean girls well it means that our little group is split into 2 factions. The girls that really want , long to be women who have selected a role a position that they can be a women within and yet still be real. Being a PA or secretary has many sexual connotation to real tgirls but it is a real aspiration. Very much like the Teacher position The Air Stewardess Female Army officer.

Being a whore / stripper / schoolgirl / maid etc is almost a stereo type it is almost expected.

Does that make sense?

And because the clothing and the feeling of being femm is as important to me as it is to you I wanted to
showoff a little with my clothing knowledge and also direct those career girls to the correct outfit and style - Being a PA or Secretary has many levels.

Perfect outfit for office work 

The key to looking good well ok sexy is this shape the tight waist the flared hips (but not too much and ladies not fatty and rolly) then taper nicely to a tight opening just above the knees this makes a girl walk in a particular way and also from the back gives the girl a pert bottom look that shakes as she walks. 

If your tummy is flat then go for a higher waisted skirt difficult to pull off but very sexy. 


Good example of power dressing perfect for the women that is in charge of a number of girls. 

Great look for a younger secretary in perhaps a large legal firm or traditional sector like Oil or Trains. 

Small legal firm - perfect for those girls that are dating the boss (naughty) 

Large insurance company in the city. Very traditional Girls can modernise the look by teaming a very trad blouse with a hyper modern skirt or different cut. 

Public sector or charity - note the boyfriends shirt and the ever so fashionable skirt these girls have money and they like to play at saving the world.

Digital Agency girl slightly more casual but as the role is an official one a little tradition goes a long way

Uber trad from the fitted blouse to the pencil skirt. This is the shape girls should be aiming for. 

As before the shape is vital but in this case the girl is not wearing any tights she is showing off she and her outfit is designed to attract men her hips will roll perfectly in this outfit and those large buttons and tabs are retro fitted to say yes I am sexual active look my skirt even frames my pussy. 


Fashion house PA

Design or creative house PA

Large bank city firm Secretary - again notice how they all tie in their waist.


  1. Fabulous outfits, every single one of them. I absolutely love office clothes - especially the ones that so effortlessly blend menswear with femininity. A white button-up shirt with a pencil skirt. Wool trousers with stilettos. Argyle, pinstripes, houndstooth with lace, silk, stockings, sparkling jewelry.

    I wish I could dress this way everyday (except I'd probably go broke!)

  2. Whores Rule !!!

  3. Some fab outfit ideas and advice here. Am currently looking at my work wardrobe. Love the skirt advice. Thank you! Xx

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