Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Short Story - College Days - Steve transforms into Rebecca

Steve was tiny femm and loved to cross dress. He had hoped to explore this need at college away from home he would sit in his dorm room dressing, exploring the limits of his femininity.

He has specifically requested a single dorm room. He had packed his hormones, his girly clothing, makeup his small collection of vibrators and was ready. 

The first night in his room was amazing - Rebecca was truly born. He explored everything he could.
The months rolled by the hormones worked their magic and slowly Steve turned into Rebecca his chest began to grow breasts tiny at first, large fat nipples, hips that looked so curvy and the most adorable tush.

Rebecca knew her ass was her best asset it was round, firm and pert but still womanly. Steve had also let his hair grow and was now almost exclusively wearing thongs, strings or bikini cut panties. 

It was late and Steve had just got back from yoga classes. He quickly changed and hurried to the communal shower he washed and quickly dried himself. 

Steve was unaware but Buck the star rugby player and all round jock and general alpha male was watching Steve. Buck had been hitting the weights and was hiding in the corner of the changing room as he was injecting steroids. He had to hide the drugs in his locker behind a false panel as his room mate might stumble upon them by accident. 

Buck sat quietly and watched the tiny girl prance around the shower room he marvelled at her tight ass and womanly hips he had always preferred girls with small breasts and this little filly was perfect. He could see her cock but his mind was one huge lump of testosterone. Buck had been injecting steroids for at least a year now and he was horny. The testosterone had effected his body as much as the oestrogen Steve was taking had effected him. 

In many way they were similar just the extreme opposite ends of the same spectrum. Steve was small girly, thin and delicate every bit the cute girl on campus, Buck was huge aggressive and muscular and every bit the alpha male on campus. 

Steve wrapped the towel around his waist he longed to wrap it around his chest to hide his breasts but it would look odd walking back to his room he wrapped his long hair in another towel and then put on a loose t-shirt 

As he stood there in the half light his wet body reflecting the light Buck could see the girls perfect breasts and his cock already hard from the surge of steroids pulsed harder Buck needed to fuck something now

Steve skipped out of the shower room and lockers and headed back to his room. 

He disrobed and pulled open his pantie draw and selected the cutest black cotton thong and slipped it on his small sissy clit twitched. he sat at his dressing table and applied his makeup and dried his hair and then put on a tiny mini skit and a lace white cotton blouse. 

He then started to pose on his bed infront of his web cam and mirror he loved posting images of himself to his blog and teased other tgirls and admirers 

Steve felt very horny and took off all his clothing but kept on his thong he always did he hated to spoil the illusion. He posed this way...

and that for the web cam followers. Steve had gotten used to not having any visitors and it was very late. Sometimes he forgot to lock his door and in the middle of his little sexual posing routine Buck walked in and shut the door. 

Steve was on his posing bench on his knees with his thumbs in the waist band of his thongs teasing the viewers he looked so cute 

Buck grunted and took of his clothes 

Steve was stunned he watched unmoving

Buck stood to the side of the camera stroking his mammoth cock. 
Buck grunted a question at him - what is your name bitch?

Steve started to respond...Ste... he paused and licked his lips and said Rebecca but friends call me Becca.

Buck moved closer to the kneeling Steve 

Buck grunted I like you becca I want you TAKE OFF YOUR THONG BITCH

Steve paused he was transfixed by the commanding voice. Bucks sheer scale and his huge fat cock seemed to have it's own gravity it pulled at Steve.

A million thoughts ran through his head, I am NOT gay I am not a fag... He kept thinking over and over his mind raced.

Steve looked at Bucks eyes they were full of lust and he knew if he allowed Buck to take this further he would be fucked and hard.

Steve felt his excitement raise his inner self his girl self wanted this soo much... Rebecca started to surface she started to push Steve to the back, to his sub conscious. He caught a glimpse of himself
He licked his lips the last bits of Steve thought wow she is a looker I would love to fuck her.

With a metaphorical pop Steve vanished and Rebecca finished the thought - Fuck me... Like no way Steve I need a real man I need a Buck.

She flicked her hair and purred at Buck.
Buck growled and moved towards the kneeling girl

Rebecca was now in control, Steve was gone, simply vanished and in his place was the most lush creature Buck had ever seen.

Becca's female instinct took over and she posed, giggled and teased Buck.

She finally left the bench she had been kneeling on and  moved towards Buck. Somehow this Alpha Male made her feel more fem so she swayed her hips and placed each foot in front of the other as she walked towards him. She was electric and the chemistry between them was off the scale.

Rebecca paused infront of the giant and she placed her hand on his chest

Wow she thought he is so hard. She felt his chest muscle slide under his skin and quivered she was made for him and he her.

Buck could smell the femininity pouring out of this girl. She moved like a kitten a sexual predetor and he knew how to fuck girls like that. His thought process was interrupted his cock was hurting it. Becca display had aroused his needs further and his cock was raging hard he needed to fuck her, rape her hole and cum in her till she was full of his seed.

Buck's hand shot out and almost picked up Becca and bent her over the bench.
Looking down at the girl he half smiled half sneered as her ass pushed upward compelling him, begging him pleading him to use her. 

He pulled at the flimsy thong and ripped it off her body 

Becca closed her eyes purred and lifted her head up she briefly opened her eyes to see herself in the full length mirror opposite she could she herself in the prone position and Buck and his huge cock standing behind she purred as she felt Bucks hands hold onto her buttocks and pull her cheeks apart she half smiled closed her eyes and waited

Without warning Buck slammed into her in one flowing powerful motion he had entered her Becca screamed she had taken various dildos and her own fingers before but this intruder this monster was biblical in proportion.

He continued to pound her his balls slapped the back of her legs and and every now and then his giant hand slapped her ass as he shouted lewd and course words at her. 

Buck increased his speed and ferocity he was know pulling at Rebecca's arms pulling the girl further onto his enraged cock 

Becca gave in to him and allowed him full control she let him pound her he tiny breasts bounced mercilessly as she rocked back and forth on his cock

Becca let out a huge moan and then a gentle sob it sounded like two different people. Something had broken Steve, Bucks cock had fucked Steve completely out of Becca's body as Steve floated away he gave out a little sob. 

Becca moaned again this time the moan was fully female she bit her lower lip and started to push back onto that magnificent cock she wanted to praise it wanted it to be her master she would do anything to have more of it 

Her mind raced and like all women she found out that if a real man fucks you wether you want it or not you can not help but desire him a real man fucks a girl she becomes his until another man fucks her better. 

Buck noticed the delicate shift in Becca and gave an almighty thrust this lifted Becca off her feet and for a brief moment she was suspended on Bucks cock. 

Buck continued to fuck the girl Becca was now lost to pleasure her body shattered by several orgasms and her needs quenched but this monster this man mountain still needed to cum. 

In-between moments of lucidity she could hear Buck grunted and unbelievable his cock pulsed larger and more erect. 

He then pulled her hair and she let out a low and primeval moan of pure pleasure as she felt his cum flood her ass pussy

Each twitch sent rivers of cum from his huge balls into the girl

Becca shivered and almost passed out with pleasure as she felt the cum overflow her ass and start to run down her leg. Buck scooped some of it up and viscously rubbed it on Becca's face.

He grunted once, twice and then pulled out of the girls swollen ass She fell to her knees and then started to kiss his feet Buck pulled her back up to her knees by her hair and then cleaned his cock with a handful of her hair.

The steroids that rushed through his body were satisfied and his anger sedated he walked towards Becca's bed and flopped onto it soon he was sleeping...

Becca sat on her knees a little longer and pushed the cum into her mouth and then she realised the PC and webcam was still on she walked over to the PC and sat infront of it.

1000's of comments were pouring onto her screen she licked her fingers clean of the cum and typed.

Hi everyone Steve is no longer in need of this chat room. Steve is gone. Becca is here and she is going to be far too busy to chat she has a boyfriend to take care of love you all.

She blew the web cam a kiss and switched off the PC

She turned and watch Buck sleeping for a moment then she sat on the bed and fell asleep holding onto his cock Buck grunted and Becca smiled as she felt blood pour back into the huge phallus she was holding onto...


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