Tuesday, 5 October 2010

An interesting telephone conversation

Last night and into the early hours of this morning I spoke with the most erotic and sensual women I have ever spoken with. 

She was confident, erudite, adroit and above all sensual. She talked about a great many things. Katherine I wish I was half the women you are. 

Let me put this into a little bit of perspective. I post here regularly and mostly I try to use this post to understand me. Other times I use it to express my sexual desires and to some extent I like to show off to you all my darlings. On rare occasions I post about actual events that I have experienced. Some are tiny but powerful others are huge and explosive - My recent summer break for example is a huge event and just wait till part 3!

Little events are somehow more real as they allow me to explore me... Let me explain. Last night about 8pm  received an email from a person that I had briefly communicated with in the past. I had told her I wanted to interview her and also get her perspective on tgirls. 

Why her? I hear you ask well this particular individual is a 27 year old owner of a Gym near liverpool street station. She is also a very well paid lesbian dom (ish) escort and as I discovered last night a very big hater of men. 

I emailed her back and told her that I was happy to chat on the phone and emailed her my numbers. I am a little old fashioned and also emailed my land line (I think this builds trust to some extent) 

I put the laptop down I stood up from my nest position on the sofa and stretched I loved the way my body feels I can feel my new emerging shape and my tones thighs and pert ass I loved the weight on my chest and giggling I walked on my toes one foot in front of the other to my bed room.

I took of my t-shirt and bra and knickers and put on the radio and danced a little around my bedroom (these are the moments that make me feel so girly) I opened my chest of draws and selected my babydoll and matching thong I laid out the babydoll on the bed and slid and wiggled a little into the thong I love lifting the string and placing it between my cheeks it sends a shiver down my spine. 

The phone buzzed into life and I picked it up standing in front of the mirror in my thong I giggled quietly and blushed imagining Katherine could see me. 

We chatted about nothing for a little while I had skipped into the kitchen and picked up my wine glass and returned to my bedroom to sit in bed and chat. 

Katherine I want to understand a few things can you explain why your first email to me was so horrid and what you meant by it. 

'Tabby hun your an intelligent and sophisticated women yet your humiliate yourself and try to play dumb you think like most women that is what your man wants' 

Tabby in my time I have found something out that has made me very aware of who I am and what I want to be. Women are weaker - but only in one area when we cum when we orgasm we are totally lost the feelings of pleasure and submission the feeling of being the vessel for the man weakens us. Men do not think in this way which is why ultimately they are stronger. 

I have chosen not to let anyone not even myself penetrate me. I will fuck a women or a man although I try to avoid men but I will not let anyone enter me. 

I want you Tabby to start showing everyone how bright and how switched on you are. I can see it in your posts and every now and then you let yourself down by posting I want cock I want to be a maid a slut - For fuck sake what is wrong with you Tgirls - look at the fucking poll you all want to be Maids or PA's or whore's what are you all caricatures of women?

I said - Yes we are

This stopped her mid rant she giggled and said yes I guess you are. She then paused and said hun be more. 

I replied darling I so want to be but at my base in my heart I know that the simple act of sliding on stockings and putting on my lipstick makes me cum. I am nothing more than a ball of feminine feelings, expressions and needs. 

I climbed out of bed and slipped on my pink fluffy dressing gown and silly fluffy slippers (I do hide them when I am entertaining and have my slip on 3 inch pink house heels)

I woke my slumbering laptop and sent Katherine three images (the three below) 
I then asked her for her opinion on each one. 

She said they are disgusting and degrading.

Yes they are but I also find them sexy and sensual 

She spat the words out at me - your man of course you do. You want those girls to fuck to use to pleasure you to dominate them 

I giggled she got angrier 

Hun I spoke calmly and quietly you are so wrong. I want to be them sooo badly not use them. 
I would love to be the girl in the cage with my hair in pig tails and a lead and collar I would beg my master to push a butt plug into me that had a tail on the end so I could waggle my pert sexy ass and shake my tail. 

Your mad 

Maybe but it makes me feel right

I would love to be this girl a housewife bringing her husbands porn like a faithful puppy 

Why why why 
Let me explain it is all in the third picture hun. 
Katherine sighed what can you tell me that will make this ok.

I replied I am not trying to make it ok more to explain. I want to be femm a sexy sensual women who is lusted after and adored a princess an object of desire 

I then want to be captured and turned and made to serve this combination of events, needs, feelings and lusts and perhaps my own brand of kinky means that the end point is less important than the journey. 

Katherine sent this image with the question 
So this is what a tgirl wants look at how bored she is
Yes perhaps but she is a women most tgirls would accept that life for being a women. 

I sent this image below
I would even go this far in public if I knew I would be a total women 

I would beg 

Live like an animal 

Be ready to be used at all times

Do my best to please

humiliate myself 

Just for the single moment to feel like this. 
Katherine said so all you want is to orgasm like a women and you are willing to give everything up for the fleeting moment 

Yes and no - Yes to experience a true female orgasm and everything that it entails along with being a women. Katherine look at her is she ashamed, is she scared, bored? 

No she is in in total harmony with who she is and what her body and core being needs and wants. 

tabby perhaps you are right but I can not find it in myself to agree. Katherine why do you fuck women for money?

So that they do not debase themselves for men - I know have about 16 women who are following my lifestyle they come to the gym and they empower themselves. They are sexy, fit young intelligent women who have chosen not to be penetrated. They will fuck other women but they will also spread the word and slowly my little group will grow. 

Katherine can I be honest with you.


I am blushing like mad as I think about this - I would love to come to one of your gym sessions and be used by all the girls - I giggle nervously - Katherine is very angry and has a mission a belief she is doing the right thing and I feel my statement is a little mocking 

Nothing just silence then a little giggle 

Oh Tabby sweetie you are such a tease I also know you meant it and no darling you can not come along you have a cock when you get rid of it then join us. 

Tabby I must go I am tired and I am not sure I have enjoyed or agree with this interview. I do however feel you can post it.

Can I also add. If any genetic women are reading Tabby's blog get in touch with her and she will pass on my email - Girls listen you do not have to be someones object, trophy or toy!

Thanks Katherine I feel like we should hug to show no bad feelings - Virtual Hug

Giggle ok Tabby Hug

Thank you

Good nite Tabby - please for your sake do grow up. 

And with that she hung up. 

I sat on my sofa in the dark my eyes not focusing on anything but the square of light emanating from the laptop screen. 

Was she right? 

Was not the whole point of womenhood being a vessel being a toy ok that might be extreme but women are a vessel we are collectors of cum we are designed to be penetrated......

I think back to my post about whom I want to be http://beingfemm.blogspot.com/2010/10/current-poll.html and Katherine if I am honest I think it might have changed. 

I think I could be her yes just plain old Tabby Jones. 


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