Monday, 25 October 2010

What do you think, feel, desire when you see...

Girls - both tgirls and genetic girls and please tell us which you are when you respond.

What goes through your head when you see images like these.  Do you lick your lips and wonder what it might be like inside you. Do you think wow thats too fat 

too long or do you think that it needs to be thicker?

Do you want a nice clean fat one or a dirty manly fat one?

Do you drop to your knees and open wide

Does he make you wet?

Do you want cum on your face now?

Share your thoughts ladies


  1. Oh Tabby, such pictures . . . such questions. Yes, these gorgeous cocks make me wet, and yes -- I drop to my knees without thinking, wanting to worship these specimins of manhood, and yes -- suck the cum from them, tasting, swallowing and wearing it on my face.

    Thank you, dear.

  2. I very much like that man's gorgeous muscled torso. I like all these cocks, I really like wide, heavy dongs, especially uncut.

    I'm a tgirl on my way to sexyland!

  3. In answer to your questions, I must try them all before i can judge which i like the most. I like them all. I am a sissy wanting a real man like these for me to worship.

  4. yaaaa

    it made me weeetttt...
    i would love to suck and fuck all of them.

  5. Oh! So many gorgeous cocks. I can't make up my mind to wrap my lips around them until they feed me with their precious milk or sit on them to enjoy the fullness... Most likely I'd do both! Thank you for the post dear.

  6. Very very lovely cocks. Love the close up. So appealing!

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