Monday, 25 October 2010

Short Story - To the Manor Born

Every year Carl lexington The Third packs his bags and leaves his expensive New York apartment and flies over to an exclusive english Manor in the countryside just outside London. 

He spends two weeks at the manor riding, relaxing and enjoying yoga and many other spa treats. This all sounds so normal so everyday. The twist in the story is the moment Carl arrives he is taken to a waiting house where three of the most stunning english mistresses prepare him and turn him into Caroline Lexington. Rich American Socialite. She is given her orders and a set of rules for her character to obey she must be well spoken, extremely class based stuck up and rude to underlings. 

Oh most of all she must avoid getting fucked. Carl knew that the Manor had a deep understanding on what made him tick. He knew that the games he must obey and the games the Manor owners placed the various guests in would tick all their mental fantasy boxes. But they would never see it coming or understand why. 

It was the first day of Caroline's stay and she got up early ate a small breakfast showered and dressed in her ridding outfit. She loved to ride she loved the tight feel of the clothing the way the jodhpurs made her pert ass look stunning, she loved the way her breast forms pulled at her chest and bounced with each movement of the horse she loved needing to wear a bra but most of all she loved the powerful animal between her legs. 

Caroline always felt horny after a ride and normally would retreat to her room to clean up and play a little the girls at the Manor were more than accommodating in any games the guests wanted to play. 
Caroline knew she wanted to be fucked and used by a guy she had many female lovers here but a real cock is so much more she thought as she trotted into the stable yard. 

Miles the stable manager was there and picked up the lead of Caroline's horse and led them both into the stable proper. Caroline watched the large well muscled man move he seemed coiled like a spring his movements were strong and deliberate...

Caroline's mind wandered and she found herself thinking about sucking this mans cock. 
She stopped herself and said to herself no she must not and anyway he is beneath me I need someone from my class. 

She loved playing Caroline and she thrilled at her utter contempt for the man 

Miles helped Caroline off her horse as he helped her down her pert ass brushed against Miles' groin
Caroline was mortified he had an erection he is de-basing me she stepped away and with her crop smacked his cock 

Who do you think you are she shouted at him. How dare you think of me in that way 

Totally lost in her role she stepped forward and placed the crop under Miles' head and grasped his engorged cock 

Well she said wickedly why is your cock erect are you an animal can you not control yourself 

Miles shook his head he did not know what to do. 

Are you an animal Caroline repeated, take it out boy she spat the words out to show her utter contempt for him. 

His cock stood erect it was huge Caroline giggled well well you are more of an animal than I gave you credit she slapped the huge phallus with her pink crop and the angry looking rod bounced Miles let out a small moan. 

Carolines mind raced she was sooo totally in the moment and enjoying her role playing and without thinking 

She grasped his cock and started to pump it up and down. She loved the way her tiny femm hand in her white leather riding gloves looked in contrast with Miles' angry and enflamed red cock 

She kept pumping him and whispering come on my stallion you need to be milked all male stallion horses need to have their cum drained.

Miles moaned and started to fuck the air Caroline knew her horse was ready 

She knelt down on the hay and took her horses cock into her mouth and sucked she looked into his eyes and saw wildness there and she pulled away and whispered fuck me my stallion, fuck me like the animal you are

Miles pulled the girl up and pushed her against the stable wall and pulled down her jodhpurs and thong and like an animal started to fuck her he pounded at her Caroline moaned and purred like a kitten she looked at the horses in their stables they watched her getting fucked and she was in heaven. 

Wit each thrust Miles pounded the class hatred out of her, with each fuck he made her more like him she loved the idea of being made into a commoner an animal and she almost shrieked like a whore when he came..

Miles tucked himself back in and watched as the once posh and aloof cross dresser pulled at her jodhpurs and tried to tidy herself he laughed as she wiped the dripping cum from between her legs and had no where to wipe it so she licked her hand clean as she stumbled back towards the house to try and hide her shame

Miles watched as she turned the corner the last thing he saw was a very blush red Caroline trying to keep her jodhpurs up while dusting down her jacket and fixing her hair.


  1. hot hot hot i would love to be in his boots the lucky bugger

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