Monday, 18 October 2010

Found images - A nights dream

I found these images posted on my Masters blog. I find them erotic, powerful and compelling - to my utter shame I sooo want to be this girl. I have no idea what or where she is. Just that I am envious of her. She is soo free so abandoned to her needs and pleasures that I wish I could experience her. 

I copied the images to my Ipad and sat in bed and imagined myself as her, I closed my eyes and pressed my finger against my hole and flicked my sissy clit. 

Pleasure sprang forth from my fingers and filtered into every corner of me. I gasped in pleasure as my finger slipped into me. I felt the warmth and pressure as my hole enclosed my finger I giggled and my mind started to wander I bit my lip and purred as my clit started to harden...

I could hear the shouts and cheers somehow in my mind I am her the thick leather collar is tight and is not letting me breath easily my arms tied behind my back make walking in the heels difficult. My breasts feel the mid day sun and my face is already red blush red from my humiliation. 

The shorts are so tight I can feel them rubbing my pussy I can feel them teasing my clit. 

Suddenly I hear a surge of noise almost like a wave and then hands everywhere pulling at my clothes
I spread my leg in bed and let out a moan oooh my I think to myself I am such a slut. 

I move one hand to my breasts and pinch the nippled I moan a little in pain and pleasure I imagine that one of the onlookers is pinching the girls nipple also. I imagine she moans a little too. 

Next my eyes closed to hide my shame and several onlookers are handed little pagers they press the buttons which all send small jolts of electricity through my collar. 

I buck up and down as the rampant rabbit slides into my hole I let the rabbit ears play with my clit a little whole it is semi hard now almost 4 inches in length the rabbit flicks at my foreskin and head make me quiver and is pulsing inside of me.

I lift my legs and spread them wider like a bad girl I smile and then the pleasure catches me by surprise as I expose more of my hole allowing the vibrator the rabbit more access it slides in deeper I bit my lower lip and feel my cheeks blush ruby red. 

My eyes are closed tightly I want this feeling to continue this fantasy this dream to keep swirling around my head. I feel my sissy clit wetten and I purrr

Hands are all over me now pushing things into me making me moan making me wetter. They tocuh me in places they should not in places that are mine and mine alone to allow access too but I am their toy and I feel my hips buck forward trying desperately to have more to have more pushed into her. 

My walk of shame ends and infront of a crowd I am forced to my knees my gag removed and a fat cock an alpha male's cock I know this I sense his power. He pushes it into my mouth 

More cocks now I greedily eat at them 

I return to the alpha male his fat hard cock is sooo powerful my little sissy clit is engorged with blood and I am fucking myself wildly now. I am pushing in the pink rubber vibrator almost to the top and rubbing my nipples they feel soo alive so electric I have yet to start to wank I hate doing so it spoils my illusions and dreams. Sometimes I get so immersed and those magical hormones do their thing and I can orgasm like a women tonight is not one of those magical times but I am close and with no self control left I tear my hand away from my tiny breasts and erect nipples and start to play with my cock....

I have to call it a cock now as I am wanking yes it is tiny and thanks to the hormones does not really get that hard and my balls are small but I am not flicking rubbing or playing with my sissy clit anymore I just need to cum. 

The dream is broken I catch glimpses of it but mostly I am pushing in and pulling out the vibrator and matching my speed with my hand on my cock.

I let our a long moan and then my cum kind of jerks from me in very small and weak spurts I smile knowing the hormones are responsible

I lift my cum covered hand to my face and lick the cum from it. I giggle as I hear my Mistress and Master whisper good sissy thats it lick it all up you faggot, theres a good girl.

I close my eyes tightly hoping the dream will return and slip off into sleep......


  1. I love what you wrote there about the alpha male. They are impossible for us to resist, aren't they?

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