Monday, 25 October 2010

confused tgirl

ladies, tgirls, sissy, traps and faggots everywhere as you all know I ran three polls recently:

The frist asked what did you want to be The results where close a whore or a Secretary with the latter beating the whore by a few votes.

Now my next poll asked what type of girl would you like to be by a huge margin cute pink and girly won. How does this correlate with the first poll?

The last poll made more sense and seemed to tie into the 2nd poll what type of pantie do you prefer bikini cut came out on top followed by thong.

SO if I am to understand a huge amount of you want to be a bikini cut pantie wearing cute girly whore or secretary.

Girls does that link up and make sense?


  1. That sounds good to me! *giggle*
    It is a little confusing but i think "pink and girlie" is something a lot of sissies strive for even without thinking of roles like maid or secretary or whore...

  2. Oh of course! Sexy, seductive tease! Able to dress up at work, and bend the rules of office engagement, then come home and show off our slender bodies in a french-cut bikini, and jump into the water with our lover (prey) and let loose. :MUAW:

  3. Yes, that is what I'd like to be known as!