Sunday, 3 October 2010

The current Poll

Most of you seem to want to be either a whore or a Secretary some might argue there is not much of a difference.

I want to be a Stewardess but I must apply a few points to that statement - I want to work for a top airline and only in first class. Perhaps even on a private jet. 

I would spend all my down time perfecting myself, being slim and athletic and pert being divine. My hair and dress would always be the utmost fashion and I would be well read and a perfect concubine. I would not have a home but rather live at my various boyfriends home across the globe. 

the perfect me would be:

1. Blonde and slightly bubbly but not too much
2. Slim very slim and no more than b cup breasts with the most pert shape and permanently erect nipples.
3. Slim of hip and long legs 
4. Around 25 - 28 yrs of age 
5. no tattoos or piercing just earrings
6. My pussy would be waxed but a singly landing strip left to entice   

I would be either a very well spoken english rose called Felicity or an Australian girl called Kelly

girls tell me about who you wish you could be...


  1. Wow, that is very specific. You paint a vivid picture of an girl I'd love to know.

    I never really thought much about who I wish I could be, focusing more on what I could do with what I was born with.

    But since you asked. My name is Jillian. I'm 5'4", 107 pounds, have long, wavy red hair and piercing green eyes, pouty lips and breasts just big enough to fit perfectly into men's hands. I'd spend as much time as I could biking with men, they would love my pony tailed or braided hair and lycra covered bottom and camel toe. When not in lycra or bikinis at the beach, hot tub or sunbathing in the yard, I'd wear short shorts, mini skirts or cute Katy Perry type dresses and an ankle chain. A neatly shaved V points the way to my glorious pussy. Maybe a small tattoo that's only visable when naked or wearing a thong. The tattoo has to be cute and inviting of naughty fun, right now I'm thinking it should be a bee seeking out my sweet nectar, mouths visiting the area could delight me with their own erotic buzzing of my petals.

    Now i'm getting very specific. I think I'll use this as a start for a complete Jillian bio.

    Thank you for providing this blog.

  2. I adore her - she sounds like a californian girl and perhaps when I am in LA I could stay with her? Do you think she would like Felicity?

  3. The perfect me: 5'10" athletic body, with long brunette hair, green eyes, long legs, and an intriguing accent. A wardrobe full of feminine yet funky clothes, sexy shoes, and lots of lingerie. A job that would let me express my creativity, style, and independence (and require me to wear all my fabulous clothes everyday) - but it wouldn't define who I am.

    I'd enjoy the glamour and elegance, little dresses and high heels of cocktail parties or black-tie affairs. But I'd also be a pretty tomboy - playing softball and beach volleyball, skiing and biking with the guys (and looking good while I do it!), and sharing a few beers and dirty jokes afterwards.

    But I wouldn't share my intimacy so easily. Any man who wants to be with me needs to know the way into my panties is through my heart. So if he can give me an evening I'll remember (Italian food, French wine, and Spanish guitar always works!), I'll make sure he has a night that he'll never forget!

    I'd also have 2 close girlfriends that I can share all my dreams, fears, and fantasies with. And maybe after a few glasses of wine, share a few kisses with too.

    And since this is fantasy, I'll stay 25 and fabulous forever!

  4. She adores Felicity. Jillian is a Colorado girl that would love visitors.

  5. Wow!!
    What a great question. I think if I had to answer the question now it would be a woman in the Victorian era. Obviously we all a million women who can inspire us, but let's face it, were there ever a period with more lavish, elegant, provocative dresses. And the corsets of course. Women still served men which I'm not crazy about but in bed it's great! Giggle
    The hair styles were so big and beautiful and I think the whole period Is a true symbol of femininity!
    Keep dressing!