Monday, 18 October 2010

Short Story - The Class Bully

Kevin was a total bastard. He had made his families life a misery he had picked on everyone and was a complete bully. 

Kevin was a little odd. He was not your typical bully he was slim, short and had long hair which he tied back in a ponytail. He tormented his class mates and posted horrid and retouched images of them.

When he was finally caught he was told that he would be sent to a school that dealt with his kind. His Head Master told him if he wanted to act like a bully like a girl bully then he would get what he wanted. 

Kevin woke up in the dorm room of Princess Princeton a special school for young ladies. He woke to find he was dressed like a posh school girl and his hair even had a bow in ti his long hair now tied back into two long pig tails. 

Kevin found a note which told him where to go. He headed to what the note referred to as his House Prefect. He knocked on the door and was told to enter. He slowly opened the door and still unsure on how to walk on the 5 inch heels stepped into a bright study. On the sofa sat a stunning 20 something prefect she was also dressed in a school uniform similar to Kevin's but her colours were different they somehow exuded authority. 

Kevin stood and waited the girl did not look up Kevin said hello...

The girl finally looked up and shouted at Kevin

kevin was startled so he jumped and blushed...

The girl stood up and clicked clacked across the room her heels clicking on the age hardened polished wooden floors. 

The girl walked around Kevin and she said what is your name girl...

Kevin whispered Kevin....

The girl laughed and pushed her face into Kevin's 

She said loudly my name is Prefect Kate is that clear Kevin nodded Kate slapped him Kevin blushed and tears started to well up...

Kate laughed stupid girl don't nod say yes Prefect Kate is that clear Kevin said quickly yes Prefect Kate if you slip up I will slap you again and it will end in tears. 

Now before you enter the student populace all girls like you are given to a Prefect like me. We are genetic girls and you are something in between you are nothing is that clear 

Yes Prefect Kate 

good girl she patted Kevin's head and smiled now we Prefects must train you tgirls so that when you enter the student body on campus you are not causing well lets say causing the wrong sort of trouble. 
Now what shall we call you.

Kevin knew he need to keep quite as the sexy and ever so athletic girl looked through his file. 

Kevin is it well lets try Catlin yes thats perfect for you.

What is your name

Kevin burst into tears as he mouthed the name Catlin

Kate had seen it all before and carried on without batting an eyelid

ok girl now when ever you meet a snr person and for you that is everyone you must curtsey now show me how the hours passed and Catlin started to get the hang of things she was made to drink a very strong mixture of hormones, energy drink to keep her awake for several days and strong truth serum which made him do as he was told. 

Kate would set Catlin tasks and then leave the fear, the hormones and the energy drink mixture she had to drink every 5 hours kept her awake this is how they broke the toughest of trouble makers. 

Finally Kate walked in and walked up to Catlin what are you doing shee cooed 

reading how to be a perfect women Prefect kate she turned and curtsied to the older girl.  

Great Catlin listen just call me Kate we can be friends cant we? 

Catlin smiled I would love to please... she paused fearful of saying Kate without her proper title but Kate smiled 

Catlin felt ok with it so she said Kate

Without warning Kate was on top of the smaller girl she grabbed her throat and said listen bitch who told you to drop the Prefect The older girls hands were tight on her throat she could not speak her eyes said it all - you said I could she tried to say but Kate did not care she had 100 other girls waiting in line to train and Catlin was just dumb bastard that need to be taught a lesson.  

Kate stripped the girl and made her feel humiliated she laughed at her she called her Kevin and would then correct herself how can you be kevin you have little breasts and you look like a cute school girl...

She pushed the scared girl onto the table and held her pig tails she loved it when they had long hair. She then lifted the skirt and started to spank the girl tears and sobbing now Catlin tried to say something but the tears had stolen her voice. 

totally stripped now she was made to kneel on the large study chair and her legs tied to the arm rest. 
Kate walked around behind her strapping on things doing up buckles all Catlin could hear was buckles being pulled tight. 

She then felt her cheeks being pulled apart then she heard Kate spit seconds later something cold landed on her hole it made her jump Kate laughed then she felt pressure on her her hole Kate pulled on her pig tails and forced the strap on into Kevin and started to pound the new girls ass. 

Slowly Catlin stopped crying her face stopped grimacing as each thrust pushed Kevin away giving a little more room for Catlin 

Kate knew when the perfect time was at hand she had done this 1000 times before she stopped fucking the girl and with the strap on half in and half out she asked the girl should she stop

They all do this she waited and slowly Catlin looked back over her shoulder a worried look on her face as she bit her lip and begged Kate not to stop she begged her to fuck her to make her a real and proper girl.....

Kate smiled and pulled the strap on out and fed it to the girl she smiled as the little bitch greedily licked the slick long rod..... 


  1. Oh wow she was so masterfully handled. "They all do this.." at the end was just so mmmm so wonderful.

  2. mmmmm im sure she'll be a good girl from now on!!!

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