Monday, 25 October 2010

My Diet and Rick

Hi girls good news my diet is going sooo well. I am working out with Rick regularly and today was wonderful. Rick has just gone and I feel soo alive soo full of energy I just had to write something.

I invited Rick over for a late breakfast. I made him scrabbled eggs, toast and mushrooms. I had a small glass of orange juice and a black coffee.

I have lost quite a bit of weight and I am dying to take some new pics but I promised myself not too until I could get into this dress. I am saving up to buy it in a size 8.

I have also decided to grow out my hair and when I can afford it and have lost weight get some arty nude shots done from my photographer friend. (he took my profile shot).

I have seen a similar dress in H@M and for a lot less. But I really want this dress and will try to save up. 
This dress and these two other images have been my main focus for losing weight recently 

I adore this girl. I love her clothes. Her hair and her impossible thinness. I adore her jaw line and her cheekbones. She looks sooo petite so elfish.

This girl who ever she is, is amazing. I wish with every fibre in my being I could be her. From her perfectly thin and pert body to her amazing hair and those oh so girl next door specs which you know when taken off turn her into a slut. I love her blouse too tight and her high waisted skirt. I adore her. 

The last motivational image this week is this girls legs. Divine and I love the heels and her knickers being taken off. I want this to be my legs. 

After breakfast Rick and I chatted for a while and then we started to stretch and get ready for out training session, two hours later I am exhausted hot and stiff my back feels all strange and Rick suggests I shower and then lie on the sofa and have my back rubbed. Girls what utter yummyness.

One luxury shower later and dressed in my long thick cotton dressing gown perfect to keep warm in when you are nude underneath I lay on the sofa and he sat astride me and took of the robe I lay there and felt his fingers rub the moisturises into my back and then he stood up and took of his clothes and sat back down I felt his hard cock between my cheeks and I lifted my ass up to him

Rick just said good girl and I purred 
He thrust forward and started to fuck me. He did not wait for anything he just fucked me hard I tried to enjoy it but the speed, the pain and the position did very little for me. 

Rick on the other hand grunted and then pulled out and came all over my back. 
He stood up and walked to the shower and I joined him and we washed each other. Iam not sure but I think he felt a little odd (seeing my tiny sissy clit for the first time up until then we had not mentioned my pre op status) 

We chatted for some time and then he left. I have spent hours chatting with my sister and friends and I am really feeling something for him. Giggle I am sooo blushing. 

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