Friday, 8 October 2010

Things that turn me on

I had a simple and very interesting email sent to me last night from a guy called Jacob. 
He asks 

'Tabby what turns you on' 

I have not thought about that subject for a long time. So last night I made a list 

Jacob hun I hope you like. Thank you for asking...

Being femm, pinks pastels, Tiffany boxes, bows and everso cute shorts

Glam and sultry boudoirs, being sooo femm, flowers, sexy undies in hotel rooms

Summer outfits to die for - silk, good cotton, linen 

Heels, girly heels

Sucking cock, fat cocks, black cocks hard hot cocks

Orgasms, pain faces, seeing fat cocks pushed into tight holes, looking into the eyes of girls being fucked and seeing their true nature

Skinny sexy girls

Being a slave, being on a lead and collar for my master

sexy, fit guys with fat cocks and heavy balls

Being horny, sexy and shy all at the same time

Being playful hard nipples and sexy sunday mornings

Fashion, skinny jeans boots 

being a bride

Being naughty. Having to change my nickers because they are sodden with cum that has leaked out of me

knowing my place and being humilitated

Belonging to a a group of like minded girls 


  1. being pretty and frilly, boys thinking i'm really a girl when i suck them, then leave so they'll always think i was. getting a tgirls clitty up my tight little ass.