Monday, 28 September 2009

Me continued

So I finally got to a conclusion of whom and what I want to be.

I want to be a sexy secretary, PA and I want to be a bitch I want to work in a huge company I want to sleep with all the powerful execs and bitch about all the women outside my circle.

I want to be horrid and feel that everyone is beneath me. I want to be from blue blood background and be a naughty posh girl in town and a cute and well behaved girl at my families country retreat.

I want to be known as the bitchy TV.

I want a dom mistress to use me and spank me and train me in womenhood I want to learn from her how to be a bitch.

I want to wear the most expensive and sensual underwear to work I want to look amazing all the time.

I want women to feel envious of me and men to lust after me

I want to be the office wet dream. I want men to go home and fuck their wives thinking of me

I want them to wank thinking of me I want to strut and be a total whore bitch

I want my clothes to ooze sex appeal

I will always wear skirts. As tight as possible and I will always bend over near guys from my waist to show of my hips and ass.

I want to pose and preen myself every day - I want a rich boyfriend to spoil me every weekend

I will dress for him and please him

I want female friends that I control and be total teases with. I want to join a country club and play tennis on saturday mornings and then visit the spa and have sex with my girl friends

I want to be on a yacht with my rich boy friend and spend the entire week in just my thong

I want him to buy me a sexy car so I can pose and tease the guys as I drive into Sloane street

I want to be hugged by the leather seats and dress like a total whore when I drive it.

I want to suck his cock I want him to face fuck me and push it deep into my throat and cum directly into my throat.

I want to have an impossible body. I want to be amazingly sexy and ever so pert

I want to let a man use me take me and fuck me I will always be available to him

I want to spend time being girly and flirty

I want to party

To go on holiday and be a slut and have the best body on the beach

I want to throw my head back and let my boss fuck me then send me back to my desk and watch me fidget as the cum runs out of me and pools on my chair soaking into my panties

I want to be a bride and a whore on honymoon

I want to dress like a posh slut

I want men to have a permanent hard on for me

I am better than you because I am better looking and have more money

I am better bred than you.

I want to be a mans pet

I want to look amazing and be dressed in couture

I am the sexy bitch going to work in the morning looking like a million dollars in my sexy car and you watch me drive past and you know you will never have me because I am to high maintenance and you are below me.

I want a fat cock in my ass

and one in my mouth

I want you to almost cum when you see me

I want to be the girl in the holiday snaps that looks amazing and everyone feels envious and fat compared to me

I want to be such a moody cow.

I want other women to beg me to be in my company to be in my circle I want them to see me as their queen

I want my mistress or master to spank me and make me their pet

I want to role play for my man dress like a school girl and strip

everything I do must be as posh and as sensual as possible

I want to look innocent but be a whore

I want to pony play

I want to smoke a fat cigar while I watch a huge fat black cock fuck my girl friend

I want to be a princess

I want a royal life

I want to be collared

I want the girl next door to want me

I want to abuse a married couple and make them my pet.

I want to be the bitch in the group of girls

I want a personal maid. I will be a total bitch to her.

I want to be in girls aloud

I want to be so not interested in a guy but still have him beg me to touch him even if I ignore him and read

I want to sleep with and fuck my boyfriends sisters

I want to abuse any new girl that joins my group

I want to be so fashionable

I want to be soooo naughty

I want to be famous for being sexy

I want to be used

I want to live in a sexy penthouse surrounded by windows and spend my time in underwear so that people can lust after me.

I will pose for them by the window.

I will always be dressed in lingerie in my boudoir

I will always lose at strip poker

I will arrive at your home in a trench coat and then remove it and watch you as your eyes eat me

I will always wear collars

I am the bitch you want to be...


  1. These are awesome!
    So hard to find the favorite or best, but I sure do love the ones with the white blouse and black skirt. The possibilities are endless!
    Great job - thank you!

  2. So hot and delicate!!!
    I love your style.

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