Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Short Story - Sales can be a real bitch

Steve was always below average. All his life he was below average for his height, his weight and he was not particularly bright either.

His boss called him in and simply handed him a letter which expressed in simple terms that Steve was no longer needed and his role was redundant, the usual reasons economy, lack of sales etc.

Steve left that afternoon and sat at home on gardening leave. The one thing Steve was not average at, in fact he was quite literally one of the most convincing t girls in his little online community. Steve's alter ego was a sexy sultry curvy brunette called Nina.

Nina would spend hours dressing and then she would spend hours chatting in the little communities she had built up over the years.

One evening Nina was dressed in a stunning babydoll and silky dressing gown when she decided to apply for a number of jobs as Nina. She was goaded by her tgirl friends online and over an hour or so and a few glasses of wine they created an entire back history for Nina. One Tgirl worked as a re-toucher so she created fake documents for Nina and without thinking Nina submitted her CV to a number of sites / job roles.

Around midday Nina woke with an awful hang-over and she crawled out of bed and sat on the loo to pee. She had been doing that for years, in fact Nina was so completely female when dressed that not even the most cynical would be able to spot her.

She disrobed, she looked down to see her ultra realistic breasts gently bounce. Nina loved her D cups tits her nipples were large and she giggled at herself. She had spent a fortune on the breast forms. A german company made them and they were a nightmare to put on so Nina would always take a week or so off and then put them on as the glue and the wires were very expensive and difficult to attach.

She stepped into her shower. and started to wash her hair as the sponge dragged across her smooth skin and rubbed on her nipples the microscopic chips inside the forms sent tiny electric charges to her real nipples under the forms. The reaction caused her real nipples to swell and in turn the sensors inside the forms would then cause her breast form nipples to swell.

She found herself as most days when she wore the forms rubbing her breasts and nipples and stroking her cock, she would alternate between her cock and balls and her asshole she loved pushing her brightly painted finger nails into her asspussy and flicking her prostate this would make her bite her lower lip moan and then purr like a bitch on heat. She dropped to her knees the warm water splashing down on her female form cock hard between her tightly pressed together thighs she rubbed her cock rubbed her nipples and pushed into her asspussy until she screamed and her cock jerked and jerked cum onto her chest, face and tummy. She wiped it up and licked the cum from her hand and gently stood up to let the water wash away the pleasure and guilt she felt.

She emerged from the bathroom, showered, preened, buffed, waxed and glowing.
Her soft bath towel wrapped around her chest covering her breasts and stopping at mid thigh. She also had a smaller towel wrapped in her hair and she sat gently almost side saddle on her chair infront of her laptop coffee in hand and opened her mail box.

She was stunned she had over 30 responses for interviews. OMG she said out loud.

She opened each one and read the response and then binned the email. She continued this process until she came across an email from Dexter and Dexter they were the leading firm in her (Steve's area) Steve had tried to get a job there for years and here he was as Nina with not only an email requesting a meeting but almost a sure fire ticket to a job. The salary was huge the perks were well very perky and she sat there almost dumb struck.

Nina called the number and a very polite and chirpy girl answered the phone she said.

Hi this is Dexter and Dexter your calling Mr Torkov's office how may I help you.

Nina responded automatically she felt almost like she was experiencing an out of body episode.

Hi my name is Nina and I have an email from a Mr Torkov I am to call the number and read out the reference number.

Oh Hi Nina the cute voice responded what is the number.

Nina said 1578B

Oh yummy the voice said you're a brunette

Nina asked how and mid sentence said oh yes the B in the number

ok Nina my name is Chardonnay I am just bringing up your Cv and picture now.

Oh I can see why sir is happy with you to be fast tracked. Giggling Chardonnay started asking Nina questions and depending on the responses she either hurried onto a new section or asked for more details.

Ok Chardonnay said now your measurements for your uniform Nina responded with the ease and knowledge of a cross dresser.

Next Chardonnay asked what men Nina fancied. Nina was taken aback but simply put this down to the friendly and slightly slutty girl on the phone so Nina closed her eyes and started to imagine a strong rugby type guy, powerful, muscular but not too much bald with a stern look and well dressed.

Ok CHardonnay replied sounds yummy. Great ok well you pass hun. I will be sending you a work sheet this week along with your uniform and underwear and shoes. I expect you to follow the sheet and booklet to the letter.

Chardonnay took Nina's bank details and said that she would get £10,000 sining up bonus and for every sale she would make a further 30%.

Nina thanked the girl and place the phone back on the table.

Wow she thought even on my worst performance I should be making £120,000 a year easily.
Nina spent the rest of the day relaxing.

The door bell rang at 9am the UPS guy smiled at Nina rather sharkishly. Nina realized she had answered the door in her sexy cute and very sheer babydoll.

She shut the door blushing like a teenager and opened the package it was from Dexter and Dexter and the parcel was split in three sections,

Section one was the manual and a card from Chardonnay, inviting Nina out for the monthly Dexter and Dexter girls night out, the 2nd section was Nina's Dexter makeup kit and accessories hand bag and shoes and finally the 3rd section her uniform.

Giggling like a school girl Nina rushed off to wash and then she laid out her new underwear she had a supportive and sensible lace bra in a dark bluey grey matching thong and suspender belt. The items were sexy but also grown up not frilly and silly underwear for a girl rather underwear for a sophisticated women. The hosiery was just as yummy and of equal quality. Nina counted out 10 sets of identical underwear and hosiery. There was also a form to order more.

Next came the pencil skirt charcoal grey and impossibly tight. A white blouse which was very fitted. Next came the accessories several secretary style spectacles - Nina did not need them but the note indicated she must wear the fake specs at all times. A silver slightly chunky chain a wedding ring and 6 inch heels. All with a note expressing the need to wear them at all times at work.

She then styled her hair as requested applied the make up and stood in her flat looking like a sexy secretary sales girl.

She arrived at work the next day her manager an older women called Jane checked that she was wearing the correct clothing including to Nina's shock her underwear.

Having past the test (Nina cock was a grower not a shower so when she was soft she could easily hide her cock and balls.)

She was shown to her desk and given a spread sheet to call through.

She enjoyed most days and dressing made her feel special she found that she was no longer average and really started to enjoy the work. So she was noticed and promoted.

Her new role meant she no longer worked the phones cold calling but rather met with customers and working with Chardonnay who had become a close friend she started to arrange meetings.

The first day of her new role she found that she was trying to please a very stubborn guy and she had tried everything to make the sale but he kept asking for more discount. Having reached the end of her tether and feeling a little angry she joked what is it that will make the sale Mr Jones a peek at my tits.

Mr Jones smiled and said perhaps so the new and more get up and go Nina displayed her amazingly pert large D cups and smiling madly to hide her blushes she said now will you sing?

Mr Jones smiled and said I am getting closer to signing.

Not sure what to do next Nina let her female side take over she let her eyes send subtle come to be messages as she pulled Mr Jones tie and dragged him closer.

With out batting an eyelid Nina entered true womenhood as she took another mans cock into her mouth

Nina's male side screamed and then curled up into a small tight ball and vanished at that moment Nina moaned it was a true reflex reaction she had crossed the line now and was really beginning to enjoy pleasing Mr Jones. She felt herself get wet and moaned and purred like a true whore.

She licked his balls cock and purred in total submission.

Mr Jones pushed her onto he desk and pulled at her blouse till her breasts were exposed and pulled up her impossibly tight skirt.

Mr Jones paused and looked down to see Nina's balls hanging out of her thong and he laughed he pushed the tgirl onto her knees and pulled her thong down

and then started to suckle on Nina's balls her he gently nibbled at them and pushed at her. Nina's nipples gently rubbed the desk and sent shivers into her she begged him to fuck her.

Mr Jones strong arms circled Nina's tiny waist and without any effort flipped the girl onto her back. Mr Jones was naked now and Nina was exposed she felt the cold hard desk on her back and ass cheeks and then she felt his rough fingers pull apart her thighs her cockette was erect but tiny compared to Mr Jones is monster.

He spat on her hole and plunged into her. Ever the sales girl Nina moaned and in between her heavy breathing and gasps of delight and pleasure she said.

ooh myy Mr Jones....you ohh oohh yes more oohh harder sir pleasssse can youuu pleasssee sign the sales ooohhhh fuck me fuck me sir oooooo ahhhh yes oooh yessss document.

Mr Jones like most men was totally controlled by his cock so while Nina's asspussy pleased Mr Jones Jnr, Mr Jones Snr would do anything.

Nina is still heading to the top but she has found she can get there by lying on her back.


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