Monday, 7 September 2009

A homage to Kami Tora

Amazingly sexy, sensual and just plain horny illustrations from Kami Tora.

I was introduced to this site by a friend and since I had very little to do this weekend
I decided to search the web and find as many of his pictures as possible. 

I love this image the fear on his face and the utter pleasure on her face. I can not decide wether to be him or her giggle. 

I adore this pic. Those girls are really teaching that poor boy what it means to be used. 
I love the blonde girl in the background she holding her cock with such delight.

The artist called this illustration therapy I like to think they are helping the blonde girl 
with her dislike of cum and teaching her to enjoy it.

This is such a sweet illustration those two girls are exploring their special gifts and just like silly tgirls are racing each other to orgasm. I love the fact that she is also fingering herself. 

I imagine this is what Hale Berry (Storm in the Xmen films) would look like if she was a T girl.

so yummy

I love the idea of tucking such a fat cock.

So perfect really is adorable

So sexy 

Oh to be her

I love this illustration I really want to be her she is so cute and so perfect and I love the fact she is pulling her babydoll over her cock or trying too.

Such a sexy pose

What a women

Why do I yearn to be a sexy sub girl...

oh dear her cock has burst free of her thong giggle

I love this pic and I wish I was her my husband is spanking me for spending too much on shoes and clothes and I just adore the pink sweater I am wearing.


  1. Tabby,
    These are really great pics. Thanks for posting them!

  2. Funny and interesting!