Thursday, 10 September 2009

Short Story - The Girls learn a lesson as does the law

The girls stood as the Judge passed sentence...

He cleared his throat and in a weary voice began to read the verdict.

Sarah also known as Tom. Cathy also known as Steve. Gina also known as Luke. Lisa also known as Carl. Tina also known as Peter and Fiona also known as Herbert.

You are all free to go however your acts of wanton shameless and sluttish behavior disgusts this court and we suggest you return home dress as men again and cease this immoral cross dressing and whorishness. For god sake you are all married men.

The girls blushed and then cheered. They kissed their lawyers and then Fiona giggled and whispered to Sarah.

Sarah pulled from her bag a bottle of champers and their leading lawyer popped the bottle and they all celebrated.

The girls went a little wild Kathy could n0t help it she loved to kiss and always wanted an older man to take care of here.

She snogged the opposition barrister.

Fiona always a slut poured champagne directly down the Judge's throat. He was fuming.

Before long Fiona and the other girls where showing why they were arrested in the first place.

Fiona managed to get he arresting officer's cock in her mouth and began to stroke his balls

Within moments the other girls were exploring the limits of the legal team.

Cathy shuddered as the police officer deposited the last remaining drops of his cum in her.

The little slut fell to her knees and began to clean the officer cock. He smiled at her and said You could have avoided all of this if you had offered us a blowjob in the first place.