Monday, 21 September 2009

Short Story - Carl's lesson

Carl's wife patted him on the bottom and told him to be still. Darling she said coldly you have only been on the floor for 2 hours and I still have my report to finish. When you move you disturb my legs and therefore me.

Carl sobbed gently he had wanted to tell his wife about his need to wear her clothes to dress like a sexy girl and to show off his sexy nymph like body. But he never had the courage to admit it. One night his wife came home early and found a sexy slutty girl in her favourite dress sitting on the sofa watching porn.

She shouted Carl and ran upstairs trying to find her husband so he could explain the slut sitting downstairs. As she ran from room to room she stopped and stared at the slut and almost fell to the floor in shock.

Caitlin, Carl's alter ego bent down in a most feminine way to pick up his wife. Carl's wife stared at her husband with mouth open and eyes wide. She mumbled how, what, why and Carl helped her to sit on their bed and between sobs and moments of total fear explained to his wife what he was.

His wife sat on the edge of the bed and could only say you like to be called Caitlin?

Months later Caitlin was very much the submissive in the relationship and she was now shocked at how far his wife was willing to go.

Caitlin stopped moving and regained her posture. She had been taught that good posture creates a feminine outline and with training her core muscles would begin to be shaped into a
very attractive female form.

Carl's wife loved this punishment recently she had added the fake cock for Carl to stare at. She loved making her husband kneel in thigh highs, heels and a sexy virginal white thonged teddy she loved making him stick his asspussy up in the air and she made sure the teddy was a size too small making the thong really pull at his hole and rub him. She had added the cock recently and made him say every 10 mins I love cock I want cock.

Carl would blush and his wife would giggle. Much to Carls shame and this would make him blush further.

A further hour had passed and Carl's wife had completed her report she then put her laptop down and began to give Carl instructions. Honey she cooed today you are no longer a virgin today honey I am going to give you cock.

Carl blushed and involuntarily licked his lips. His wife giggled and Carl almost died from blushing.

Leaning over him and gently brushing his long hair she gently pushed him onto the fake cock

She left her husbands ear and let him deep throat the cock while she moved to his asspussy
hitching up her skirt she clicked into place her black rubber cock and then spat on her husbands asspussy.

She told Carl to lift his cute ass and take it like a women.
Carl she said coldly you need to learn to arch your back so that not only your mouth is
accessible but also your asspussy

She lifted the hormone filled sissy onto her lap and told her to play with her sissy clit while she pushed her fat black cock into his asspussy.

Carl was now totally lost in his feminanie role. He purred and moaned like a girl he rubbed his sissyclit and pulled at his tiny breasts and pinched his nipples. He was on heat and his male mind could not deal with the sensations and feelings speeding through his female hormone fueled body.

Finally he let out a squeal and almost passed out his eyes rolled back and he clamped his thighs together and shuddered as his first female orgasm took control of his body.

His sissy clit was soft but was flowing with cum.

Carl's wife whispered into his ear welcome to womenhood

Carl did not hear anything apart from the rushing blood in his ears. His intense feelings of heat emanating from his groin. His nipples so sensitive and hard.
He felt wave after wave of pleasure hit him like hammers and finally he let out a low and sexy moan and then collapsed.

His wife let him fall to the floor and then she pulled at his hair and made Carl suck on the cock that moments ago had sent him to the stars.

His wife laughed and Carl was from that day on Caitlin


  1. oh mi god this soooooooooooo sexy,lucky Caitlin

  2. blushing like mad - thank you

  3. Great story and great pics!
    Lucky Carl!

  4. fab story lucky caitlin