Thursday, 3 September 2009

Short Story - Finn learns to ride a different sort of hot rod

Bitch what are you doing on my bike, Oh bitch I am talking to you. The blonde turned and smiled at Finn.

Finn was not in the mood his sponsors had just finished telling him he was useless and the last thing he needed was a stupid fan sitting on his last bike of the season. He had crashed the other 2 and the rules only allowed for 3 bikes per season.

As he manhandled the fan of his bike she started to shout at him and berate his times.

That night Finn lay awake reflecting on the blonde girl's jeering especially her remark on his last lap times. He got out of bed and walked over to his laptop sitting on the chair he punched away at the keys he looked at the female racers times over the last few races and she was right damn that blonde bitch he muttered his times would have had him on the podium but at best in 2nd place. 

He sat in the chair and thought hard he was only ever going to be an also ran in the mens race but in the women's races he might have a chance of winning one or two races he knew he was never going to win a whole season but he might have a chance. 

He called his sponsor and spoke with the manager. He started to express the idea and the manager said he would pop over to Finn's hotel room. Finn asked him to give him an hour.

His Manager agreed.

Finn rushed to the hotel shop and purchased some make up and a sexy calvin klien underwear set and a very sexy babydoll. 

He rushed back to his room and began the transformation. Finn was always in good shape riding at his level meant constant gym visits but not for bulking up rather for keeping slim and light. He had always kept his hair long.

Finn showered and then perfumed his body next he pulled the silk lace thong up his smooth legs the shiver this sent up Finn's spine shocked him. His cock started to harden but Finn concentrated on getting dressed next he slipped on the bra, Finn gathered his chest and with the help of the padded bra created a small but pert breast shape. Next he added the suspender belt and then sat on the bed to roll up the stockings to his utter amazement he was dizzy and had to hold onto the dressing table his mind was swimming through sensations and feelings he had never felt before he managed to calm himself and stood in front of the bedroom mirror and found himself posing he just could not help himself. 

Giggling he blew himself a kiss and with knees pressed together he turned his back to the mirror and bent over at the waist on tip toes his legs looks amazing and his pert bottom outlined by the thing and the suspender belt straps and the top of the stockings made him look so feminine. 

He looked over his should and licked his finger and then slowly slide his finger along his bottom and then pushed it into his ass he squealed and then almost fell to his knees...

Finn jumped out of his skin at the knock on the door he had totally forgotten that he was expecting a visitor he managed to calm himself and called that the door was open.

His Manager a large rough man's man entered the room

Finn...Finn where are you

Hang on Coach Finn replied I am in the loo.

Finn's manager raided the mini bar and poured himself a drink.

Finn stepped out of the bathroom and smiled he had styled his hair and made up his face perfectly. He stood and posed looking as sultry as possible. 

Finn's manager stood mouth open wide and did not make a sound.

Finn snapped his fingers and said well Coach do I pass. Yes babe he sneered call me Rob.
Finn giggled and replied yes sir and curtsied Rob pulled the racer towards him and started to kiss him. Rob forced his fat tongue into the little mans mouth and then spat into Finn's mouth.

Finn looked shocked and yet his mind raced at the feelings he was experiencing his cock was hard but it was not noticeable as Finn suffered from a rare form of micro penis.

Rob smiled and pulled out his cock and pissed on Finn. Finn fell to his knees and allowed the alpha male to totally soak him the smell made Finn light headed.

Rob almost spat the words out at Finn - now your my bitch and I have scented you now strip. Rob reached into his pocket and pulled out a pink dog collar and attached it to Finn's neck.

He stood back and smiled yes this could work. He thought to himself. 

Rob pulled the young racer to his knees and told him to beg for Rob's cock. Finn complied and in a state of pure fear and passion took into his mouth Rob's cock. 

The next morning Finn woke to find himself alone in the room. He was covered in Rob's cum and piss and was sore all over. He stood up and immediately regretted doing so as a steady stream of Rob's deposited cum from last night ran out of Finn's ass and gently tickled the inside of his thigh as it traced a track down his thigh.

Finn's tummy felt awful and he rubbed himself he had shamed himself last night and had done things that Rob would never let him live down. 

Finn sat on the loo too tired to stand and let his bladder empty he sat there for a while hoping that his expanded ass would let more of the cum drip out. 

He heard the door open and Rob call him. 

In here Finn responded Rob walked in and sneered at his small frame sat on the loo and said how is my bitch today 

Finn managed a weak smile Rob laughed look at you you even piss sitting down.

Rob stepped out of the bathroom and to his shame Finn had to wipe his ass from back to front like a girl would her pussy as the cum had leaked onto his balls and thighs.

Rob laughed and ordered Finn to make him a coffee and then set about the plan for the day. He through Finn underwear and a dress and heels and sat on the bed and watched him dress then Rob pulled out a press folder outlining the sacking of Finn and the employment of Fi. 

Rob took various shots and printed them out he then slid in the press pack. Finally he told Finn he nickname was going to be Fi and his full name was Fiona and he would be racing in this afternoon on the female circuit.

Rob always the showman had staged for Fi to be introduced to the press at the pitts so they left the door slide open and Finn played his part and posed and looked a total whore on the bike.

Finn sat on the bike he rode as a man and posed like a total girl slut. The press went wild and on the very first day of his race Rob had sold out of Fi babe t shirts. 


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