Monday, 7 September 2009

Me fetish or three

I love this image a upper class pony girl - I long to be used in such a way.
A soft leather head dress with gold chains and a leather braided bit leather golves 
high heels that have been locked onto my ankles. A butt plug that has my tail attached so that I can swish it when I sway my hips. 

I love it when a man scents me I let him spray me and I can almost cum when I look at him 
as he releases his scent on me.

I adore strong women and love it when they fuck guys. I love the look on her face she is almost grimacing as she pounds him and wanks him. I bet the poor boy does not know what to do scream or cum.

I love the position of this girl she is so strong and is strutting like a man.

is this the sexist fetish ever!

I love this men suffering at the hands of a women look at her face and his and his cock is soft 
I love the fact she is dressed like PA with stockings and yet she is the boss.

knee highs a yummy little fetish

Being a maid. Some days I dress as a maid and spring clean the house. I find it sooo exhilarating

Another in the vain of strong women look at her milk him.

I love this she is so disinterested in him - he must feel soooo small.

I admit it if I was born a girl and was cute I would be a bitch too.

amazing image she is soooo nonchalant about her cock I love it.

Keeping men down 

I think you can guess the rest giggle.