Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Short Story - The Break In

Hi everyone my name is Caitlin, I am a T girl. I want to tell you about an important event in my life. For many years I played at being a women always afraid to take the next step into true women hood afraid to submit to man.

Well on an evening much like this I was dressed in my new lingerie much like the yummy undies I am wearing at the moment. At the time I lived on the ground floor of an apartment building. Well it was a hot night and I was writing in my diary as I always do before I got to sleep. My bedroom opened out into my garden and as it was so hot I left the doors open.


two guys crept in and with the music playing gently and my mind caught up with wonderful ideas about dressing I did not hear them creep in.

I was grabbed suddenly and I screamed. I was held in place and the other guy started to steal my things. I was held by my neck and they talked hurriedly and roughly about me I could not understand them. I started to sob.

The guy that held my neck whispered something in my ear and held my hair and sniffed at it
he then laughed.

They tied my hands behind my back and forced me to bend over the end of the bed I felt my thong being pulled to one side and I head a zip. A cock was forced into my mouth, the taste was awful and the smell horrific.

Then the guy behind me started to laugh he grunted at the man with his cock in my mouth. The guy that laughed grabbed my tiny cock and balls and pulled them up and showed them off to the guy with the cock in my mouth. The guy shouted at me while I was sucking him off he then pulled out of me and pissed in my face and laughed the other guy spat on my hole and pushed his cock into me with out any kindness they then started to pound me my tiny sissy clit started to harden the pain of being split in half and the pain of the guy holding my balls and twisting them. Suddenly I felt something deep inside a warmth and then my cock started to cum not a manly cum but a slow and constant dribble.

My knees went weak and I fell only to be held up by their rough and powerful hands and the fact that they had me skewered on their cocks.

I felt the sensation again the deep welling of pleasure and then I realized to my horror and utter shame I was begging them to fuck me harder, moaning and purring as his cock pushed against my prostate I reached an orgasm every time his cock thumped into my prostate.

I blushed and sobbed and the guy pulled his cock from my mouth and spurt his cum on my face he then took a handful of my hair and cleaned himself and then to my utter shame I looked at him in the eye and my eyes rolled back and I almost purred in ecstasy he watched his partner fuck me and rolled a cigarette - he lit it and smoked a little and then placed the lit roll up in my mouth and I pulled on the butt and he smiled I smiled back as his friend pounded into me

Finally he came he walked over to my face and wiped his cock on my face.

They untied me and made me bring them a beer I served them until they were ready to fuck me again and this time I deep throated the guy who was in my ass and wanked the guy who had face fucked me.