Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Images sent in

Hi everyone sorry for the lack of posts I have been on holiday and I have much to tell you. 
I have been working my way through my emails and requests and can I say quickly and on the record:

1. Carl - no I will not marry you unless you are rich giggle
2. Matt - thank you, your are too sweet.
3. Lisa - yes hun if that is really you I will be your maid giggle
4. Tina - thank you so much
5. Tom - NO!

and thank you to those that sent in pics I have selected the best of them and have responded to each one as per your requests. 

Yes I know Suzy not personally but I have seen her on television. Yes I adore the fact she gets to see all those horny bikers and I would love a B/GF with a super bike and yes I would love to wear all in one tight leathers. 

I adore pics of young girls on holiday I wish I had the chance to have that sort of friendship and then explore my young women hood with a group of girls.

pure sex - thank you Kevin What an amazing picture. I love the look on her face and adore the hips and pert womanly bottom. 

I so wish that was me

Ditto giggle

I am such a sub slut I yearn for a master or mistress to turn me into their kitten.

Can there be a sexier girl on the planet - honestly look at her waist. I would die to have a body like this cow! I would worship her she is stunning. 

I love the light and dark of this picture 

So sexy 

So so so sexy giggle

This image makes me wet I love the position of his finger and her facial expression. 

silly girls giggle

Oh Victoria I do adore thee

Giggle guys will do anything for sex giggle

Just look at that face ooh my 

Thank you Katie. Darling your man has a great cock and if that is really you, you are too cute for words. I love the cum on your face. Thank you for sending in the pic. 

This is from Mallek - he wanted me to tell you all he is black and proud he adores T girls and white bitches that need a fuck. I emailed him back and asked for a pic of his tool giggle and hopefully he will oblige girls. 

How I wish I could be a bitch and join a group like this and strut my stuff 
I would tease every guy giggle

Yummy I would be on my knees sucking like a whore - giggle


  1. I am just drooling at the sight at those pics!!!

  2. oh becca your such a slut honey giggle

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