Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Short Story - Training

I had been collected and shipped to a small private island in the middle east. Over the course of several months I had been feed hormones and preened and buffed till I was as soft a women.

Let me start at the beginning. I was a slim and femm sort of guy, yes I was gay but that did not matter in my line of work in fact it was a bonus. I was a Creative Director of a World Famous Fashion House. I was on a trip to the middle east to promote our brand when I was caught kissing a guy in a bar. Looking back at it know I was stupid and should have known better.

Well I was taken by 3 huge guys and made to wait in a room. I woke up several weeks later. I was always slim and could pass as a women but they had changed me hormones and breast implants had made me very femm.

I was then told I would be trained to become the ultimate she male and then sold to a harem

I work blindfolded and tied up to find a musky smell near my nose by now I had come to understand what my capture wanted he forced his cock into my waiting mouth and pounded my face till he shot his first load of the day into my tummy.

The blindfold then removed I had to stimulate him until he was hard again within 30 seconds of his ejaculation otherwise I was beaten.

Hw would then face fuck me and piss on me. All the while I was told that I was a pet and that my role would be to please my harem master.

I would then have my asspussy and sissy clit stimulated until my eyes would roll back and I would shame myself in begging for more cock.

My master would cum and then I would be allowed to I would have a moment of sheer pleasure and then the shame and realization of what I had done and had begged for would wash over me and I would sob to myself.

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