Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Short Story - Kevin's Caught

The credit crunch had hit Kevin hard. He had lost his job, his home and his pride.

He had moved into a tiny flat above a clothes shop in a rough area of town. The shop was one of those cheap boutiques that sold everything a girl would need for work. The clothes were fashionable but the quality was awful.

Kevin would spend all day looking for work and then return to his tiny miserable flat at night and lie awake listening to the police sirens and the shouting from the owners of the shop below him. They were arguing about Saturday, Kevin could hear Sally shouting at Lorna

You stupid cow she blasted you know Saturday mornings is my time off and its our best day why are you going to mess things up

Lorna screamed back but my boy friend wants to take me out

the two women shouted and cursed each other for 20 minutes. Kevin listened and then jumped to his feet and walked downstairs and knocked on the closed shop door.

Lorna peered through the dirty glass door and smiled she turned back to Sally and said it's ok it's Kev from upstairs.

The girls both looked at Kevin as he walked in and he blushed the front of the shop had a large range of bras, knickers, corsets and cute but cheap babydolls. Think nylon not silk.

Kevin had dressed when he was younger and would always blush as if someone knew his secret whenever he walked into a female under wear dept.

Standing there feeling the heat spread across his face he felt stupid.

Sally interrupted his thoughts and said yes Kev what is it.

I heard you and Lorna shouting and wanted to help out he blurted I need to do something even if it is for a short time I just am going stir crazy looking for work.

The girls took pity on him and agreed they took him through the shop and explained the opening up process and handed him the keys.

Kevin woke early and bounced downstairs eager to do a good job and also thankfull for having something to do.

He spent the first hour putting away the boxes and tidying up the shop at this time there was not much to do so he sat at the till and flicked through the paper looking for a job.

he cursed under his breath PA, secretary, job after job for a secretarial position he knew he could apply but he was over qualified and a man. The ad would never say it it was against the law but he knew these banks would want a women not a guy for that type of position.

He kept looking but was frustrated and stopped. He made himself a cup of tea and walked through the small shop gently touching the fabrics and the bras he blushed and smiled to himself remembering the days when he would sneak into his sisters room and wear her under wear he smiled as he recalled he female alter ego Kathy...

Kathy he giggled and blushed...


He purred a little a shiver ran up his back he was always very femm guy and he was great with voices. Kathy Masters he said out loud in his voice he had trained himself to use when he was Kathy...

He stopped in his tracks it sounded odd.... Kathy he said again louder and then again he said

Hi I am Kathy, Kathy Masters thats it he thought he was gripped by an urgency now he knew he had 3 hours before Sally would be back so he went to work he stole a number of items from the shop he knew the camera they had was fake and the girls would never suspect him. He felt bad and promised to pay them back when he had earned some money.

Several pairs of knickers, bras, makeup stockings, corsets, skirts, shoes and babydolls all found there way into a bin liner and then he pretended to take the rubbish out but hid the bag in the entrance to his flat.

He then returned to the shop and started to create a false CV for Kathy he printed it out on the shops printer and hid them in his paper.

Flustered and a little hot he sat down and relaxed half an hour later Sally returned she smiled and asked for a report.

Kevin told Sally that a large group of young girls came in earlier they had bought a few items but mostly looked around and then left. Sally said yes we get a lot of people that are looking but no one seems to have any money to spend.

Kevin thanked Sally and she gave him £50 for his help he blushed and felt awful but he was desperate and promised to make amends he swore to himself that he would repay her kindness.

That weekend Kathy Masters returned she strutted her stuff and worked hard to perfect the walk and to make sure she would pass.

Monday finally arrived and Kathy began calling the job ads one after the other till finally she had an interview that Wednesday she was thrilled she did not eat and she spent hours doing her yoga moves to make sure she looked as real as possible.

Kevin had ordered on the Saturday night a pair of breasts forms with the last bit of cash he had saved. He felt that he needed to make sure he looked real and would therefore have a better chance of getting the job.

They had arrived on the Tuesday morning post and he spent all day Tuesday being Kathy he even went to sleep in a babydoll to make sure he felt as femm as possible.

He lay in bed watching TV his long brown hair styled into a very femm style his finger nails were painted and he had added extensions they contrasted brightly against the white sheets.

He caught a glimpse of himself in the bedroom mirror and smiled he blushed a little he did look cute - slutty Essex girl trampy cute.

He shivered as age old feelings bubbled up to the surface he climbed out of bed elegantly and opened the wardrobe and looked through the small shoe box, hidden in the box was a DVD

He licked his lips and tasted the lipstick he cock or as Kathy called it sissy clit jumped to attention. He put the DVD on and got back into bed.

the screen flicked into life and the blonde girl wearing nothing more than her hold ups and bra and matching french knickers looked back at him she moved across the screen her footsteps were hurried and her face showed signs of panic and fear.

She turned a corner and screamed as she ran straight into one of the gang she was trying to avoid. The short porn film was his most fave thing he would watch it when stressed or sometimes to help him cum and then get to sleep. He watched as the 7 foot man mountain of a black guy pushed the tiny girl to the floor and then took his cock out and forced it into the girls mouth he face fucked her then he picked her up and ripped of her silky french knickers to reveal that she was a shemale the black man laughed and said to her beg me the little shemale dropped to her hands and knees and pushed her asspussy high into the air and whimpered pls sir fuck me rip me apart...

Normally Kevin would cum into a balled up tissue and then feel humiliated switch off the tv and turn over and fall asleep.

but no matter how hard he pulled at his sissy clit he would not cum and he watch fascinated as the shemales face turned from pain to pleasure and then the man mountain pulled out of her the girl purred and whimpered for his cock back but the man ignored her and then came on her face gallons of cum spurted over the tiny girl.

Kevin moved his finger to his opening he had only once played with himself there and was ashamed he had done so but this evening dressed as he was the old urges flooded back he pushed his finger deep into himself and squealed like a girl.

The image on the screen changed to the man pissing on the girl now then the man collaring the

Kevin worked away on his sissy clit and pushed his finger deeper into his asspussy

as he watched the man lead the shemale away on her hands and knees like a pet covered in his cum and piss

Kevin shuddered and started to cum he had never felt this feeling before he was shocked by the intensity and almost screamed out loud he watched intensely as the little shemale wiggled her ass as she was led away and he wanted to feel what her ass had felt.

the pressure left his body and he fell back onto the bed, his thighs pressed together in an attempt to keep the feeling for longer.

He stared at his reflection in the mirror he was acting like a women who had just orgasmed he was unable to control himself and lay on his side twitching and purring as his sissy clit gently leaked cum he touch himself with his finger tips and scooped up a little bit of cum he rasied his fingers to his mouth and licked them.

he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Kevin woke very early and dressed to impress and he knew today he had to make sure that he past his days test.

On arriving at the office he handed in his CV and was shown to his little office area he was handed a type test and told to research through the documentation.

he made sure he completed his tasks and set about checking his work. He felt wonderful.

He enjoyed working he had his own little office well for today at least and adore the way the skirt was so tight and the blouse made his breasts look so pert.

He bent over the desk and started checking his paperwork

His office door was open and someone rushed past and wolf whistled this sent shivers up Kevin's spin and he turned to see who it was but the individual was long gone.

Having spun round to see who it was had caused his cheap skirt to tear a little and Kevin struggled to adjust his skirt and make the split look natural.

Then he felt his suspenders straps give way. He walked to the corner of his office to hide away from the door and hiked up his skirt and tried to repair the suspenders.

Blushing and totally stressed he managed to adjust himself he hoped noone had seen him as he had been fully exposed and his penis and balls were very much obvious in the tiny thong he was wearing. He returned to his paper work and felt his blush drift away as he got totally engrossed in his work he was bitting the end of his spectacles when he jumped as his direct boss came into the room.

Kathy he called out

Yes sir she responded - oh she said blushing and turning her head and eyes down ward to show submission you made me jump out of my clothes Steve.

Oh really did I kathy - Steve responded

Kathy blushed.

Now Kathy, is there anything you wish to tell me about your CV or you that will help me decide to give you the job.

Kathy went through her well rehearsed speech and when she finished she almost curtseyed

Steve laughed and Kathy blushed

you really want this job don't you...

Yes sir she replied.

ok slut he snarled suck my cock and with that he pulled down his trousers and pulled out his cock and shoved it in her face

Kathy let years of female desire wash over her and she truly became Kathy Masters - Essex Office Slut.

She licked and deep throated her boss and told him how amazing he was.

Steve laughed and said that he had seen her cock and balls in the hidden camera they had set up in this office to test the girls and had always wanted to fuck a slut like you.

He easily ripped the cheap skirt and pulled the remnants up around his waist he pulled off the cheap thong and suspenders and bent the prone semi nude sissy over and spat on his hole and fucked him

While Steve was fucking Kevin he made him beg for the job and promise all sorts of depraved acts.

Kevin's mind was a mixture of his female and male self he could not cope with the feelings and as each thrust of his bosses cock penetrated his body it pushed a small amount of his male self out. Finally there was nothing left but Kathy...

Kathy's eyes opened and they shined out brightly as a new women was born....
Kathy purred and moaned like a whore she turned back to look at her boss and bit her lip and closed her eyes and whispered fuck me master hard and at that moment she pushed back onto Steve's cock and she moaned as she felt Steve pump cum deep into her


  1. Great story - love the pics!!!


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